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Need A Power Window Repair in Orlando?

If your car window is damaged, the worst thing you can do is go for a drive. This is with the exception of a jammed closed window. However, in other instances when your window is broken or jammed open, driving can put you at risk. It becomes important, then, to get a power window repair Orlando. Still, before that, you must stop and do five crucial things.

Never Leave Your Car Outside When You Have a Jammed Open Window

If you live in an apartment complex without garages, you might not have much options. Though, when you do have a garage and your car has a jammed open window, bring your car in. Leaving your car outside when the window is stuck open can tempt thieves. Next thing you know, you might wake up to a stolen vehicle. If you cannot park in a garage, park somewhere that is visible from your house.

Never Drive with a Cracked Power Window

If you have a cracked power window, you are putting yourself in danger when you drive. While a crack is not too threatening, it could get worse on the road. Each movement and bump can make the damage spread. And you want to avoid making the window shatter, especially on the road. So never drive in that condition.

If Rain is Expected, Cover Your Jammed Open Window

Rain can happen just about any time in Orlando. Thus, if your jammed power window is stuck open and you cannot lift it, cover the window. Saran wrap can do the trick. This way, you can prevent rain from entering your car while driving. It is a smart way to eliminate distractions and stay safe until you get a power window repair Orlando.

Never Postpone Getting a Power Window Repair Orlando

No matter what kind of power window damage you have, never postpone getting a power window repair Orlando. Leaving a damage undealt with could make it worse and put your life at risk.

Call for a Mobile Repair Service

If you cannot drive your car because of a window damage, like a crack, call for a mobile repair service. Technicians will come to you, saving the day without putting you in harm’s way on the road. Repair shops like LP Auto Glass Orlando offer this great service at no additional cost to you!


When you need a power window repair Orlando, your best bet at safety is taking these important precautions and being cautious on the road. Doing so will keep you protected.