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4 Myths on Windshield Tinting You Should Know

Every day, we see plenty of drivers who have their windshields tinted. Although windshield tinting seems like a luxury, it is very beneficial. Nevertheless, many drivers continue to believe the many myths out there about tinting and why it is not worth paying for. These myths are, of course, false. Below, we have put together the top four myths on tinting auto glass so that we can finally shed light on the truth:

Tinting Auto Glass Is Only for Appearance

The first myth is that tinted auto glass is only for appearance and has no purpose whatsoever. However, that is not true. Of course, tinted auto glass does make a car look nicer, but it is not the only thing it can do. Tinting windows helps keep your car cool in the summer by blocking out UV rays. It can also protect your dashboard and upholstery.

Tinted Auto Glass Does Not Last and Is Not Effective

Drivers want to save money, what with their insurance payments, gas, and other car maintenance bills. Though, that does not mean that tinting auto glass is a waste of money. It is a myth that professional auto glass tinting does not last, starts to bubble, and is not effective. In truth, non-professional tinting is bad, since it is never done the right way. But if you get a windshield tinting at a professional auto glass shop, it will be effective.

Tinting Auto Glass Makes the Glass Strong

Windshield tinting does not make the glass strong, although we might wish. Nevertheless, it does help prevent your windshield from shattering in small particles if the glass is damaged. Therefore, having tinted auto glass does increase your safety on the road.

Tinting Auto Glass Will Make Them Too Dark

windshield tintingAuto glass tint comes in a variety of shades to choose from. As long as you do not exceed the tinting limit set by your state, you will be fine. Plus, you can choose to go lighter on the tint. Some tinted windows simply block UV rays while still maintaining their original clear color. The choice is up to you. Windshield tinting never makes the glass too dark.


Although there are many myths on windshield tinting that might deter you from tinting your auto glass, it is a nice addition to your car with actual benefits. It is not a waste of money, and it is certainly worth getting.