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Advice to Commuters

Longer commutes to work are “longer” than ever.* The more time we spend in our cars, the more important it becomes to make sure our vehicles are comfortable and safe places to be.

The Car Care Council has a number of tips for commuters to help ensure their trips to and from work are as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

  • Change your cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning the air entering the passenger compartment. A functioning cabin air filter will help keep dirt, pollen, dust and exhaust fumes from entering your vehicle’s interior. Changing the cabin air filter at recommended intervals will allow you and your passengers to breathe clean air free from allergens and pollutants while commuting to and from work.
  • Maintain vehicle safety systems. A vehicle’s wipers, mirrors, lights and brakes are key safety features that require routine maintenance. To ensure that you can see and be seen while on the road, make sure all lights are properly functioning, mirrors are clean, and both are properly aligned. Replace wiper blades that are cracked, chattering or streaking in order to maintain a clean windshield. Because driving in stop-and-go traffic is hard on a vehicle’s braking system, have your brakes inspected regularly as brakes are your car’s most important safety feature.
  • A clean car makes a happy driver. The more time spent in the cars, the more likely dirt and clutter will collect inside. Maintaining a clean vehicle not only makes for a more comfortable drive, but it also contributes to a vehicle’s safety and longevity. Remember to keep the floors free of debris that may obstruct the foot pedals, and wash your car regularly to protect the paint, minimize rust and corrosion, and keep your windows clean for improved visibility.

*up 20% according to U.S. Census

partially reprinted from Car Care Council

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Car and Auto Glass Tips for a Safe Drive This Holiday

Winter break has just begun for most. Most people are going on vacations, and some are driving to visit loved ones, friends, or just see new places. However, before you get on the road, it is important to examine your car. In the checklist below, we are listing all the things you must look at before driving. This checklist goes beyond the main car care tips and even mentions auto glass safety precautions so you can ensure your holiday vacation will not be disrupted. Continue reading

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Avoiding Auto Windshield Repairs & Staying Safe this Holiday

Thanksgiving is a great time to go on road trips and visit loved ones. With food preparations in mind, however, we forget to take precautions for our road trips. This often leads to car problems like auto windshield repairs, flat tires, and dead car batteries. So, what can you do to avoid these issues and stay safe on your road trip this holiday? Continue reading

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Auto Glass and Safety Tips for the Upcoming Holidays

If you have ever been on a holiday road trip, you know that it can either go really well or really unwell. Unless you are cautious beforehand, you might find yourself with a flat tire, a cracked windshield, a blown headlight, or something similar. So, to make sure everything goes really well, here are some important auto glass and car safety tips for the upcoming holidays:

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