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Why Call Us for a Mobile Windshield Repair?

If you have a damaged windshield, you have two options: drive to an auto glass repair shop or let us drive to you. We are not sure why anyone would choose the first option when given the second. Especially when LP Auto Glass Orlando is at your service. However, in case you are not sure why you should call us for a mobile windshield repair, here are a few reasons: Continue reading

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3 Blogs on The Usefulness of a Mobile Windshield Repair

When you wake up to find your windshield damaged and you need a repair, what better way to do so that with a mobile service? For one, driver to an auto glass repair shop is not convenient. Plus, being on the road with a damaged windshield is often dangerous. Thus, a mobile windshield repair is a great way to fix your auto glass safely. Below are our top three blogs answering any questions you might have on this service: Continue reading

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A Mobile Windshield Repair is Better than a Regular Repair

When your windshield is damaged, figuring out what to do, who to call, and how to get to a repair shop can be exhausting. To make things easier for you, we are showing you why a mobile windshield repair is the way to go. There are many reasons to choose a mobile repair. One of them is that it is better than a regular repair in so many ways. Continue reading

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When Is a Mobile Windshield Repair Necessary?

Although some drivers ignore their damaged windshield in the hopes that they could go many weeks without spending money on a repair, doing so is a bad idea. In fact, sometimes the windshield damage is too dangerous. Leaving it undealt with could put the driver in harm’s way. This is when a mobile windshield repair is necessary. This service allows you to get a repair right from your location, which keeps you safe on the road. But when exactly is the damage too dangerous, leading to a mobile repair? Continue reading

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4 Most Helpful Blogs on Getting a Mobile Windshield Repair

A broken windshield can bring about many uncertainties and questions. How will you pay for the damage to be repaired? Who will do the best repair job? When should you get the repair? And should you even drive your car? All these questions can be answered. Although the situation is stressful, knowing what to do can help prepare you for the repair. Here are four helpful blogs on getting a mobile windshield repair: Continue reading

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Why You Should Call for a Mobile Windshield Repair

Getting a windshield repair is never fun, nor is it something we plan for. Usually, auto glass gets damaged when we least expect it. For instance, it could get damaged while we are on a road trip. It might even happen in the middle of the night while we are sleeping. Whatever it is, it is always annoying to deal with. The good news, however, is that you can both save money and not worry about the repair. How? With a mobile windshield repair from Low Price Auto Glass Orlando, of course! Here is why you should ask about our mobile repair: Continue reading

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Who to Call for a Mobile Windshield Repair in Orlando?

If you have a damaged windshield that puts you in danger if you drive, then calling for a mobile windshield repair in Orlando is a must. But who do you call? In times like these, your most trusted auto glass repair shop is LP Auto Glass Orlando, where a mobile windshield repair specialist can come to you at no additional cost. What are some good reasons to call LP Auto Glass Orlando for a mobile auto glass repair? Let’s find out!

Small Chip in the Windshield

If the damage is a simply chip in the windshield but that chip is in your line of vision, then you need to call us. Driving with your view being obstructed is a very bad and dangerous idea. Besides, when we come to you, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Cracks in the Windows

Having a crack in the window shouldn’t be a big issue. However, this only applies if you drive to an auto glass repair shop immediately. If you wait more than a week, the window might get worse and it becomes risky to drive. It is at that point that you should call for a mobile windshield repair service.

Tiny Cracks in the Side View Mirrors

If there is a tiny crack in one of the side view mirrors, you can still drive your car to a repair shop; you wouldn’t need to call for a mobile repair service. Though, don’t wait too long to fix the damage, since that small crack can still obstruct your driving visibility. If the cracks have already gotten worse, then call us.

Shattered Windshield

IWindshield repairf your windshield is completely shattered, then it is a must that you stop driving your car anywhere and call for the mobile service. A shattered windshield is extremely dangerous, and if you happen to be driving with the wind blowing glass particles at you, you would suddenly realize why. So don’t risk it. Stay safe and call us.

Completely Broken Windows

Similarly, if the windows are completely broken, then don’t drive your car. Instead, call for a mobile repair service right away. It’s just not a good idea to drive with shattered glass everywhere and wind in your face.

Shattered Side View Mirrors

You should also call for a mobile windshield repair service if one of your side view mirrors is shattered. Without your side view mirrors, you wouldn’t be able to see who is behind you or who is driving up to you, and that can be a big no-no. You should, like the other instances, stop driving your car. It’s just not worth getting into a car accident.


The great news is that at LP Auto Glass Orlando, our mobile auto glass repair service does not cost extra. So if you find yourself with damaged auto glass while driving, park your car and call for a mobile windshield repair service. Doing so could save your life.