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back to school safety

Safety for Back to School

Yellow School Buses! Day Care Vans! Family Cars! More Traffic! More Congestion! Back to School Safety is our #1 Concern!

Go Slow! You are sharing the road with bike riders and walkers not to mention more vehicles – buses and cars. If carpooling is an option, do it – as it lessens the number of cars on the road.

Give yourself a few extra minutes! Even if you don’t have any children at school, you need to have patience going to and from work now especially in school zones.

School Drop Off and Pick Up Rules – Follow the school rules especially as stated for drop off and pick up. Don’t double park as it blocks visibility for other children and vehicles. Another hazard is parking across the street from the school and dropping off or picking up children.

Walkers and bike riders –Tragedy can also occur when school zone speed limits are not respected common cause of collision is a driver turning left in front of a cyclist.

School Buses – It is illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children. If the yellow or red lights are flashing, traffic must stop – not an option. Accidents occur when a motorist illegally passes a stopped school bus.

Be Alert – As a driver, you need to be alert and take it slow. Children can be unpredictable. Be extra alert in school zones and residential neighborhoods.

School safety is #1 as the children go back to school. Make it a safe year.





car glass repair

Don’t Settle! Get a Car Glass Repair for Back to School

As a college student, you probably have tons of things to pay for. From college tuition, to housing, to food and books, you just can’t afford to get a car damage. Unfortunately, college students do sometimes get car damages in the form of windshield chips and cracks. This can drive the student mad. After all, isn’t it enough that he/she has to pay so much as is? However, if this problem occurs to you, keep in mind that you don’t have to settle for the damage just to save on money. In fact, you can get a car glass repair for an affordable price. So this back to school season, remember these tips:

#1 Find a Low Price Auto Glass Repair Shop in Your Area

There are numerous of auto glass repair shops around, and you’ll probably observe that with a quick google search of the nearest auto glass repair shops to your area. Does this mean that you should just settle on the closest shop to you? Absolutely not! The reasonable, wise college student should do a thorough research first to find out which car glass repair shop is low price and professional. Choosing a low price auto glass shop doesn’t meant that you’re getting a lower-quality repair job. In fact, if you do your homework right, you will find a few high-quality shops that are low price. These are the ones you should trust and go to.

#2 Call for a Mobile Car Glass Repair Service if The Damage is Threatening

car glass repairDid your windshield crack or completely shatter? Then don’t drive your car. Instead, call for a mobile repair service. Most low price auto glass shops offer this service at no additional cost, which is absolutely great for the typical college student. You wouldn’t even need to waste your time driving to the shop. You could just sit back and have your car fixed for a low cost.

#3 Go to a Professional Auto Glass Repair Shop As Soon As Possible

If your windshield or windows are not extremely damaged and you are not in putting yourself in any danger if you drive, then you could certainly go to a low price auto glass shop during your free time. You should find at least a few in your area that are highly professional. Be sure to consult Yelp to find out what others have to say about the shop and the quality of the car glass repair.

#4 Don’t Wait Until Halfway Through the School Year

Whatever you do, don’t wait until you are deep into the school year. If you are on a school break, take advantage of the free time to get your car back into proper condition. Postponing the repair will only cause you more stress once you get busy with classes, homework, and work. So have the problem dealt with fast while you can. Use back to school season as a motivation.


This back to school season, don’t settle for a damaged windshield because a repair might be costly. Instead, follow these tips to find the best car glass repair shop with low prices.