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Preventing a Car Glass Repair by Terminating Mold

When it comes to mold, we all cringe. However, did you know that mold is not always bad? That’s right! Mold can sometimes be helpful, but not when it comes to your car. In fact, mold found in your car is highly dangerous if not removed properly. Plus, it might lead to a car glass repair (or a replacement in worst case scenarios). Continue reading

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4 Reasons Florida Drivers Should Get Windshield Tinting

It is not a secret that Florida’s weather is a bit bipolar. One second it is sunny, the next there is a downpour. Yet when it is sunny, driving is very comfortable. It is no wonder that many Florida drivers hate stepping in their cars on a hot day. With windshield tinting, however, this problem can be eliminated. In fact, there are four reasons Florida drivers should tint their windshield. Continue reading

mobile windshield repair

Who to Call for a Car Windshield Replacement?

Finding a crack in your windshield is a terrible way to start your day—or end it. However, it can be taken care of quickly. Of course, you could take your car to just about any auto glass repair shop. But would just about any auto glass repair shop give you the best service at a great price? The answer is no. Not all auto glass repair shops are created equal. If you need a car windshield replacement, the best place to call is LP Auto Glass Orlando. Here is why: Continue reading

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3 Most Helpful Blogs on Preventing a Windshield Replacement

To prevent a windshield replacement, the first important thing to do is be a careful driver. The second thing to do is maintain your car so that it remains in perfect condition. While this might seem tough, it can be done. In fact, knowing a few tips and tricks can help you keep your windshield in shape and out of the repair shop. Check out these three most helpful blogs to learn more: Continue reading

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Stop! 5 Things to Do When You Need a Power Window Repair Orlando

If your car window is damaged, the worst thing you can do is go for a drive. This is with the exception of a jammed closed window. However, in other instances when your window is broken or jammed open, driving can put you at risk. It becomes important, then, to get a power window repair Orlando. Still, before that, you must stop and do five crucial things. Continue reading

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Top 4 Car Windshield Repair Blogs to Keep You Safe

When it comes to driving, safety comes first. Which is why a broken windshield should never be taken lightly. Sometimes people ignore a damaged windshield out of fear that the repair is costly. Though, ignoring such a damage often leads the damage to get worse, which makes it costlier. The best solution is to get a car windshield repair. To make your life easier, we have put together our top four blogs on repairs and safety:

Crucial Actions if You Need a Cracked Windshield Repair Orlando

When it comes to your car, you want it to be the safest it can be. Otherwise, you can never feel safe on the road. As a result, you must always take care of any car damages, no matter how minor. A cracked windshield is one such damage you want to avoid. However, if you end up needing a cracked windshield repair Orlando, you must do a few simple actions.

Knowing the Signs for a Windshield Repair or Replacement

You have a cracked windshield. Now what? While you might be tempted to call an auto glass repair shop and ask for quote, it is best to know what kind of damage you have first. This is mostly to help you know your options and better talk to an auto glass technician. A windshield repair is one option. Another is a windshield replacement. Typically, a repair fixes minor damages while a replacement gets rid of major ones.

A Mobile Windshield Repair is Better than a Regular Repair

When your windshield is damaged, figuring out what to do, who to call, and how to get to a repair shop can be exhausting. To make things easier for you, we are showing you why a mobile windshield repair is the way to go. There are many reasons to choose a mobile repair. One of them is that it is better than a regular repair in so many ways.

4 Rules to Follow After a Car Windshield Repair

A car windshield repair is not the best thing to have to deal with. However, when it happens, the wise thing to do is protect your car and prevent another windshield repair. This is the best method for eliminating damages.


If you need a car windshield repair, follow these important blogs on safety. They will keep you calm, help you save money, and keep you protected.