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Windshield Repair in Orlando: Do’s and Don’ts

windshield repair OrlandoIf you find your auto glass damaged, even if the damage is small, you need to call and schedule an appointment with an auto glass repair professional. Windshield repair Orlando shops are the best way to go because they have the proper tools and products and know exactly how to repair or replace your windshield. Besides, experts also happen to be the safer way to go. Still, in case you are having a hard time knowing what to do and not do when your windshield has a chip or crack, we’ve decided to put together the major don’ts.

#1) Tape Can Hold Together Anything, Including Your Broken Windshield

Let’s be clear, tape, no matter in what form, is not going to fix your broken windshield. Adhesive tape is so delicate that you can literally tear it up with your own fingers. Now imagine if you use that tape to hold together a windshield with a chip. Rain can easily soften the tape’s hold on the glass. Even duct tape, which is certainly thicker and bigger, won’t help you. You have a large, heavy windshield in comparison to a piece of tape. It’s not going to hold, and the chip will expand into a crack that then turns into many fissures. Totally not worth it!

#2) Super Glue Permanently Fixes Things, So Why Not the Glass?

Super glue, no matter how strong, is not literally permanent. It does have many benefits, such as putting back together the handle on your favorite coffee mug that you accidentally broke. However, when it comes to broken auto glass, you have to remember that you have a big windshield that’s holding up a heavy car roof. That super glue is only going to create a sticky mess that’s going to be impossible to remove later. And guess what that’ll do? That’ll create a blurry windshield with many light glares. Now, isn’t it better to just go to a professional windshield repair Orlando shop before all this mess happens?

#3) Nail Polish Makes Nails Strong, So It Has to Work on Windshields!

Windshield repair OrlandoThis advice is so ridiculous, we’re not sure why anyone actually believed it. Nail polish is definitely not going to fix your broken auto glass. Think about it. When someone puts nail polish on their fingernails, it keeps their nails strong for a few days. At first, the color is sparkly and neat, but then it starts to get dull, and that’s when you notice the first chip. Nail polish then peels off, and nails are back to their normal strength. As a result, nail polish is not going to be any different on windshields. It might last for a day or two, but it certainly won’t make a difference. It’ll peel off after being exposed to rain and the harsh heat, and the chip will still turn into a big crack.

#4) There are Special Band-Aids for Windshields That You Can Always Use

Some geniuses out there decided that a great way to fool people into giving them lots and lots of money is to create “special” Band-Aids for windshields. This is obviously complete baloney, but consumers still fell for this trick. Let’s be frank, this is just another form of translucent tape, and it’s not going to hold up a heavy, broken windshield. Don’t listen to these advertisements. Be wise and realize that all of this is just a means to strip you of your money.

What to Do Instead

Stop driving your car if the windshield is in a terrible shape and call for a mobile windshield repair service, and if the damage is not too bad, then go as soon as possible to a windshield repair Orlando shop.

Start 2016 with a Windshield Repair and a Clean Car

car washStart 2016 with a clean slate and make it your New Year’s resolution to maintain your car. Whether your car needs a windshield repair thanks to an annoying chip or crack in the glass or you just have a really dirty car, be sure to keep your car in shape. There are several benefits to keeping your car clean and well-repaired. To learn more about these benefits, continue reading!

The Benefits of a Clean Windshield Clean glass not only helps clear your driving visibility, but it also protects the glass from damage. For instance, if you spend the day at the beach, your car is most likely going to be dusty at the end of your outing from all the sand the wind blew around. Though sand does not seem to be threatening (after all, kids play in it), it is harmful to the windshield. The tiny grains can scratch the glass, especially if you use your windshield wipers to wipe the dusty layer off of your car. The friction caused by the contact ruins the glass in an awful way, forcing you to get an auto glass replacement, which you want to avoid. The same thing can be said of bird droppings. Although unpleasant, for the most part they seem harmless. Yet, leaving them smudged to the glass will only make them harder to remove. They’ll dry up, and then when you do attempt to remove them, they’ll also scratch at the glass. In the end, all this dirt and scratching will weaken the windshield and windows, leaving them susceptible to getting chips and cracks and easily getting shattered. To top it off, having a dirty windshield also means that your windshield wipers are dirty, and this increases the chance of the glass getting damaged. For that reason, always having a clean windshield helps you avoid all these issues completely.

The Benefits of Getting a Windshield Repair Did you know that if you have a cracked or shattered windshield, your car’s roof could collapse? It’s true! The windshield supports the roof, which means that without a stable windshield, you are in danger of being inside your vehicle. As a result, repairing your windshield protects you from getting injured…or worse. Plus, getting an auto glass repair also puts an end to those annoying glares in your windshield. So it’s a win-win!

CleanCar The Benefits of a Completely Clean Car In 2016, having a clean car will not only remove glares and keep your windshield in a stable condition, but it will also help you out in various ways. For instance:

  • A clean car will smell fresh inside and out.
  • A clean car will be bug-free. So no more bugs flying in your face while you drive.
  • A clean car has a higher value than a dirty car, and you can later sell it for more.

Are you convinced to clean your car yet?

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a clean car and a windshield repair this new year. So start 2016 by keeping your ride awesome!

When You Can Get a Windshield Repair vs. a Replacement

copHave you ever wondered if driving around Florida with a damaged windshield could get you pulled over by a cop? The answer is YES, you can get pulled over and get ticketed for driving with a damaged windshield. The reason for this is that Florida law deems driving with a chip or crack in your windshield unsafe. It is therefore illegal. That is why, when you see a windshield damage, it is best to go immediately to an auto glass repair shop or, in dangerous driving cases, call for a mobile windshield repair service. Though, when can you be sure that all your damaged windshield needs is a quick repair rather than a complete glass replacement? There are ways you can figure that out before you go or call an auto glass repair shop.

Damage in Respect to the Driver When the driver is in the car, does the damage affect his driving? For instance, is the chip or crack in the driver’s line of sight? If so, then a windshield repair cannot be done. Repairing the chip or crack, even if it is small, will still leave behind a mark that will blur the driver’s visibility. In that case, a windshield replacement is the only option possible. It will ensure that the entire glass is removed and a new one installed to guarantee that the driver can see the road without anything in the way.

The Size of the Damage The size of the damage should also be taken into consideration when figuring out whether you can get your windshield repaired or replaced. If the damage is bigger than a dollar bill, then the glass will need to be replaced. A damage that big makes a repair too difficult. On the other hand, if the damage is smaller than a dollar bill, most times it can easily be repaired.

Location of the Damage Another way to see if the chipped or cracked auto glass needs to be repaired or replaced is to figure out the location of the damage. Other than the chip or crack being in the line of sight of the driver, if the damage is in the corner of the windshield, then that is big indication that the entire glass need to be replaced. The reason for this is the fact that a damage in the corner can cause the windshield to break or shatter. As a result, a windshield repair for this issue is not an option.

WindshieldRepairKit-cracksChipsBulleyesStarsHow Much Damage When you look at your damaged windshield, you should examine the amount of chips or cracks the windshield has. For example, does the glass have more than three chips? Then chances are that you will need to get a windshield replacement. Too many chips make the glass susceptible to shattering any minute. Similarly, if the glass has a big crack, (bigger than a dollar bill), then you will need to get a replacement.

Figuring out whether you can get a windshield repair instead of a replacement can be effortless once you know what to look for. Follow this guide for an easy windshield checkup. And remember, if your windshield is too damaged, simply call for a mobile repair service.

What to Do When You Have a Cracked Windshield to Repair

Repair-a-WindshieldYou are on your way to an important event when you pass by a road construction. There are a lot of rocks and debris scattered about, and without being able to do anything about it, a rock hits your windshield. The whole incident takes no more than half a second; it is so quick that you’re not sure what just happened. Even your brain is taking a couple of seconds more to register the new crack in your windshield. You stop your car at the nearest gas station, you throw your hands in the air, and you wonder why this had to happen to you of all the drivers. But now that it has happened, there is no other way around it. You must get it repaired. So what do you do? What are your options when it comes to windshield repair? Here is a checklist of all you need to do:

Take a Photo of Your Windshield The very first step you need to take when you find your windshield cracked is take a photo of it. This way, if your insurance asks for a detailed description of the damage, you can send them an exact picture. Plus, it is always a wise idea to have proof of the damage in case something happens that makes the insurance refuse to pay for a windshield repair.

tape-measure-_-StreetcodeGPX-stock2897Measure the Damage The next step should be measuring the damage. You are probably thinking, what would measuring a crack have to do with fixing it? Well, the fact of the matter is, a big crack that’s splitting in many directions is not the type of damaged that can be repaired (although, you can replace the windshield altogether). For that reason, measuring the crack is important. If the damage is less than six inches long, then it can certainly be repaired (and, depending on your insurance, you could be covered). However, if the damage is longer than six inches, then your windshield will simply need to be replaced.

File an Insurance Claim Once you’ve taken a photo and measured the crack, you’ll need to file an insurance claim. Many auto glass repair shops, like LP Auto Glass Orlando, deal with your insurance for you, so you don’t have to stress yourself any more. However, in the case that you can’t get an auto glass repair shop to file a claim with your insurance on your behalf, you will have to do it yourself. Usually, if you have a comprehensive coverage and your glass claim is covered, then that means you are covered for getting your windshield repair.

Go to an Auto Glass Repair Shop or Call for a Mobile Repair Service Lastly, you will need to call an auto glass repair shop and make an appointment. You will most likely be able to go the very same day and get the repair done fast. However, if the crack is extremely big, you should ask the auto glass repair shop while on the phone if you can get a mobile repair service. This service should not cost you extra, and it is much safer to rely on than it is to drive with a damaged and risky windshield. After all, you don’t want to drive your car if there is a chance of the glass shattering, right?

This windshield repair checklist should help you quickly and easily get your damaged windshield fixed without feeling any hassle of having to file complicated insurance claims and paying too much out of pocket. Thus, if a rock created a damaged in your windshield, take a deep breath and don’t stress out.

Breaking Habits that Can Lead to an Auto Glass Repair

rain repellentWe all have bad habits that we’ve stuck by for many years, but when it comes to our cars, those habits could make the difference between a great ride and an unsafe, unattractive one. For instance, we sometimes allow our cars to remain filthy and dusty for long periods of time, causing our rides to be infested with insects and flies. We even leave dead love bugs on the front bumpers, and we ignore this problem until the paint on our cars begin to chip off. However, we do worse things to our cars, and those bad habits of ours could be the reason we end up going to an auto glass repair shop.

Thus, if you want to prevent this easily avoidable issue, be sure to cut ties with the following habits:

Using Sponges and Towels to Clean the Glass Sponges and towels seem soft, but to the professionals who deal with fixing auto glass on a regular basis, these items are like nails on a chalkboard. Relying on sponges and towels to clean your car’s glass could be the worst technique you’re using. Think about it. What do you usually use sponges for? Sponges are designed to scrub out hard-to-remove stains from grimy dishes and other kitchen tools. As a result, they’re not meant to be soft, and if we clean our cars with them, they could scratch the surface and dull the paint little by little. Regular towels, too, are not smooth because of the material they’re made of. When we dry our hands with them, they don’t affect us; though, if we use towels to dry our cars, we could be scraping at the paint.

spongeYou can’t end the habit without an alternative method to cleaning your car. So what can you use in place of sponges and towels in order to prevent an auto glass repair? The answer is a microfiber cloth (professional car washes use them). Purchase two of this soft cloth and you’ll have two items to replace the sponge and towel with.

Peeling Decals Off With Keys We’ve all dealt with pealing stickers and decals off our cars’ glass, and it’s not a fun experience. You peel, and then the sticker breaks off. And when you finally can’t take it anymore, you reach for your car keys and use them to scratch out the remaining sticker and glue. This habit can cause you to scratch your windshield and windows, so it’s clearly not good.

Instead, spray WD-40 on the sticker or decal that you want to remove and let it set for a minute. After that, you can easily peel the rest of the sticker with your fingernail and remove the remaining glue faster.

Keeping Old Windshield Wipers This is a common habit among young drivers. When your windshield wipers are old and you can clearly see the rubber blades are worn and cracked, you should never leave them to be put to further use. They’ve done their time and need to be thrown out. Continuing their use during rain can be extremely damaging to the glass, so much so that the windshield could shatter altogether.

Therefore, if you want to steer clear from an auto glass repair shop, install new wiper blades.

Getting Auto Glass Tinted at-Home Unless you’re an expert when it comes to car glass (and we don’t mean if you’ve kept the windows and windshield clean for the majority of your adult life), don’t tint your car by yourself. You need the right tools and the proper, legal tinted glass or film. Besides, you don’t want to make mistakes when you tint the glass, so it’s best to leave this to auto glass specialists.

Not Parking Cautiously This is a habit most people are guilty of doing. Not parking cautiously, as in not paying attention to the threats that surround your car when you park, can easily put your car at risk of damages. For example, if you park under a tree, particularly one that has fragile-looking branches, there’s nothing stopping those branches from falling onto your windshield and breaking it. Plus, if there’s a storm, the likelihood of something going wrong arises. So be a cautious parker by inspecting the parking lot before you park in a specific area.

In the end, we all do some of the above guilty habits; though, in order to prevent an auto glass repair, it’s crucial to end those terrible habits and take a good care of our cars’ glass.

How to Fight off Mold to Prevent a Car Glass Repair

dirtyYou’ve probably seen mold a few times throughout your life. Maybe you left old bread in your home while you went on a vacation, and when you came back, the bread had green fungus all over it. This is to be expected of old food, but did you know that mold can develop in cars too? Just like leftover food, neglected cars are likely to become the perfect breeding ground for mold. If it’s humid and damp out the way that it is many times in the spring here in Florida, any car that’s been parked for many months without being put to use or without getting aired has a chance of growing mold. Although this isn’t a common problem among vehicles, it is still a problem that needs to be addressed. In order to prevent a car glass repair, cleaning mold and eliminating it for the long run is wise. Here’s what you need to know about windshield mold, what causes it, and how to avert it:

What is Mold? There are many types of mold, but all of them are generally the same. Mold is an organism that breeds quickly and decays whatever it can. For instance, once mold finds its way on, say, food, it’ll eat it in a matter of days. Mostly, mold causes organic materials to biodegrade. That’s why damp, undried areas, like car seats and carpets, are ideal candidates for this organism. You can even see mold growing on big garbage disposals where tons of leftover food and soggy trash are stored for days on end. Yikes!

Don’t get the wrong idea; mold isn’t completely bad. At this very moment, mold spores are in the very air we breathe. In fact, mold, being a part of nature, is oftentimes used for the production of some types of healthy foods (such as Brie cheese), medicine, and antibiotics. Nevertheless, too much of anything is never good, and that is certainly true when it comes to mold. More mold than is typically in the air can cause allergic reactions if breathed for a while. Additionally, it can destroy (or eat) objects through biodegradation. That is why, when it materializes in your vehicle, you should never let it remain. It could ruin various materials within the car including the glass, causing you to get a car glass repair.

What Causes my Windshield to Get Mold? Since mold isn’t highly common in cars, people are surprised when they do find it in their vehicles. “Where did it come from?” they wonder. There are many reasons for the mold growth in your car. For one, if you left your car parked outdoors for months, particularly in a humid or moist environment, then that could cause mold to breed. Second, if you spilled water in the car and didn’t let the damp surface dry completely, then that’s another reason for the mold. Though, the scary part of all of this is that if this problem isn’t dealt with fast enough, the mold will spread throughout your car, going far into the glass and leading you to get a car glass repair.

Is Windshield Mold Dangerous? Windshield mold is very dangerous. As we’ve established earlier, too much mold can cause many health issues. However, when it comes to your car, having mold indicates that there are an extreme amount of dirt and other untreated problems, and that’s not something you want to be sitting and breathing in. Though, the most threatening aspect of mold increasing and feasting on your windshield is the fact that it could be eating at the window seals. Over time (a very short time, since mold grows and eats fast), your car glass might even break from the damage to its window seals. Driving would become highly unsafe for you at that point.

Preventing Windshield Mold If your car has mold, don’t feel hopeless; there are ways to combat mold and deter a glass repair. First, you should always keep your car clean. Never leave trash, especially the sort that decomposes naturally (like food). If you spill a drink inside the car, wash it and let the damp area air-dry. Keep the windows down until the spill is gone. On the other hand, if you don’t drive your car any more (maybe you’re planning on selling it), then turn the AC on from time to time and roll the windows down. Letting the air move and refresh is important. Though, if you notice that the window seals are cracking or that there is mold on them, stop driving your car and don’t attempt to clean the mold on your own. Instead, call a mobile windshield repair expert and have them replace that windshield with another one and clean the panel from the mold.

It’s not typical to see windshield mold, but when it does occur, it’s really crucial that you clean it up and make sure it isn’t affecting the condition of your vehicle. Doing so will help you prevent a car glass repair.

Do You Need an RV Glass Replacement this Summer?

RV-GraphicYou have an RV in a storage space, and it’s been waiting there for you for many months. Now it’s summer, and you’re ready to take the family out on an RV road trip once more. Although, before you jump behind the wheel and take off on your adventure, there are a couple of things you need to check up on. Just like with any vehicle, an RV needs regular examinations, such as tire, oil, and battery checks. However, an RV that’s been sitting around without movement for long periods of time needs even more attention and care. The major question you should ask yourself before you drive your RV is, do you need an RV glass replacement?

Here are a couple of ways to inspect the glass and make sure all is working properly:

Check for Scratches, Chips, and Cracks First off, you should look for any obvious scratches, chips and cracks. If your RV’s storage space is open, meaning that it is outdoors and doesn’t include a roof for protection, then a number of things could have gone wrong in the past couple of months to damage the windshield and windows. Perhaps a tree branch fell on the glass, either scratching it, cracking it, or shattering it altogether. Even if you find the littlest chip, make sure that you call your auto glass shop and ask about their RV glass replacement or repair options. After all, the smallest chip can turn into a crack, and a crack can lead to the glass shattering. Besides, if the windshield shatters, the roof of the RV could collapse, since the windshield is what holds the roof up and keeps it sturdy. In other words, for your safety and the safety of your family, be very thorough in your search for these damages, and don’t deny their existence when you see them out of fear that they’d be expensive to fix.

Check for Cracked Windshield Wipers Similarly, look at your wiper blades, and if you find that they are worn and cracked, then that is a clear sign that you need to replace them before you hop on the road. Old windshield wipers can scratch the glass, causing major destruction if not fixed in a timely manner. So don’t leave them as they are if you see that they are in a poor shape. Throw them out and get new ones. Just make sure what you buy is the exact fit for your car. You can always ask your auto shop for help finding the proper wiper blades. Also, before you drive the RV, test out the windshield wipers. Sometimes they might look well and still be in a terrible condition.

Check for Glass Mold Glass mold can occur if your RV has been sitting around for months in an open area. Without a change of air and if there is condensation around the RV, mold will find your RV to be the perfect place for its growth. Mold is dangerous when found in your car, particularly on your windows, as it can destroy the glass. As a result, if you find mold anywhere on the glass, then immediately get an RV glass replacement.

Check for Cracking or Moldy Window Seals Finding mold on the glass isn’t as worse as finding mold on your window seals. Mold can easily eat at the window seals, and over time, your windshield and windows might break from the destruction to the window seals. Thus, survey the window seals, looking for both mold and cracks. If you find cracks but not mold, then that is still indication that there is something wrong. It is recommended that you call your auto glass store to see if a professional can come and look at the glass too.

birdsCheck for Bird Droppings and Other Dirt Ok, so, bird droppings and dirt aren’t the worst things you have to look out for on this list. Nevertheless, you should never drive your RV on a long trip if the glass is filthy. You need to be able to see the road clearly. Besides, how can you know if the glass isn’t scratched or chipped if there is dirt in the way? You should always wash the glass properly.

If your RV has been parked for a long time and you plan on driving it again during the summer, you should always check for the health of the glass and determine if you need an RV glass replacement. Use the tips above for guidance.

Unsafe Products That Lead to an Auto Windshield Repair

spongeWe’ve all made mistakes with our car’s glass at one point or another, even if we weren’t aware of it. From using harmful products to cleaning with rough tools, we’ve ruined the glass little by little. Since the majority of people still don’t know the proper way to clean a vehicle’s glass, we’ve decided to share with you a list of products and tools that are used the most that end up damaging the glass and causing you to go to an auto windshield repair shop. If you’re guilty of using these products to clean your car’s glass, be sure to withhold from using them again.

Sponges – Yup, you know you’ve done this before. Sponges are probably the most commonly reached for product when it comes to washing a car. People associate sponges with cleanliness because they are regularly used to clean dishware and sometimes even to scrub counters. But that’s where the problem lies; they are meant to scrub, not gently clean. Sponges, when used to wash cars, can scratch at the paint. Worse yet is when they’re used to wash a car’s glass. They end up really harming the surface. Though signs of scratches don’t show right away, over months and years, you’ll be able to see how using a sponge has ruined the glass. So it’s crucial to refrain from using one if you don’t plan on getting an auto windshield repair.

Towels – Who hasn’t used a towel to dry a newly-washed vehicle? Chances are, you’ve done this numerous times without knowing the risky side effects. Just like with using a sponge to clean your car’s glass, using a towel to dry the glass can scratch the surface. While towels seem soft, they are not soft enough to use on a car’s glass. In the end, they’ll only make you regret using them.

windexAmmonia (Windex) – Many household products that you might be using to clean your vehicle’s glass have ammonia in them, and ammonia is very harmful on cars. For instance, many Windex products have ammonia, and though you can use Windex on regular windows and mirrors, you shouldn’t use it on your car’s glass. Not only does ammonia leave streaks on auto glass (which creates glares while you drive), but it also can ruin the glass if it’s tinted. Over time, ammonia will cause the tint to peel off, leaving you with really terrible windows and windshield. So it’s best to steer clear of ammonia-based products if you don’t want to deal with an auto windshield repair.

What Can You Use? – See, there are only a few items you need to avoid. Still, what are you supposed to use now that you’ve gotten rid of all the products and tools you used to rely on whenever you went out to wash your car? The answer is very simple. Get a microfiber cloth, or two (one for washing and one for drying). A microfiber cloth is safe to use on a car’s paint and glass. It is soft and smooth and won’t scratch. So now you’re probably wondering what kind of cleaning product you can use to spray your glass with. Well, if you go to an auto shop or a retail store with an auto shop, you should find many products that are safe to use on car glass. Some examples are Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner, Mothers Glass Cleaner, Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner, and Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner. All of these are recommended for washing auto glass.

If you’re using any of the above mentioned products and tools that are unsafe on a car’s glass, be sure to put them away. Averting an auto windshield repair is as simple as relying on the correct products. Sure, your car’s windshield and windows might still get damaged from other everyday threats, but the probability of you harming your own car’s glass is more likely. As a result, it’s best to take action right away and buy the tools that are the most affective at cleaning the glass.