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What to Do if You Need an Orlando Auto Glass Repair

Orlando auto glass repairSo you were driving on the road and now you have a chipped or cracked windshield. This is unfortunate, but you can’t dwell on your bad luck. Instead, you have to take action so that the chip or crack doesn’t get worse and end up costing you more. So what can you do if you suddenly find yourself needing an Orlando auto glass repair? Continue reading

LP Auto Glass Orlando Can Do a Bus Glass Repair

bus_1Busses are everywhere, but we often forget that they have similar needs to other vehicles. For instance, busses need regular washing to maintain and they need oil changes, and sometimes they also go through repairs, like tire changes. However, what happens when busses get a windshield or window damage? Where can they be taken to get fixed? A regular car shop can be costly, and they usually are not supplied with the type of auto glass used in busses. This can be a tricky situation for bus drivers/owners. Though, did you know that Low Price Auto Glass Orlando can do a glass repair for your bus if it gets damaged? It’s true! At LP Auto Glass Orlando, busses are all accommodated and at an affordable cost too.

Windshield Repair Most bus drivers/owners are not aware of the fact that they don’t need to spend tons of money to do a bus glass repair. LP Auto Glass Orlando has the best service around at half the cost of regular car shops. Small windshield damage can easily and quickly be repaired. If the bus has a chipped windshield, for instance, the chip can be filled in, especially if it is not directly in the driver’s line of vision. Similarly, if the bus has a small scratch or a crack, the windshield can easily be repaired, even for a large bus.

Windshield Replacement If the damage is much too big to be repaired, such as if the crack is bigger than a dollar bill or it is in the driver’s line of vision, the windshield will need to be replaced. LP Auto Glass Orlando can do this service, and it remains much less costly than going to a car shop. The same applies if your windshield is completely shattered. A new, high-quality glass replacement will be provided.

 Windows Repair/Replacement Services Buses have distinctive windows that are not found in typical cars. These windows usually slide up and down onto each other, and they do not run automatically. At LP Auto Glass Orlando, we carry bus windows of all types and sizes, so no matter what, we will have an easy time replacing a damaged window. At the same time, if the window damage is minor, we will have no hard time doing a glass repair.

Window Seals Replacement and Mold Eradication Busses transport people, indeed. But what happens when said people eat and dirty up a bus? Leftover food crumbs and drink stains can truly ruin the seats. Plus, with humidity in the air, all of this can cause mold to grow within the truck. With humidity and dampness and plenty of stains from food, mold finds the perfect breading place. This can be both gross for the driver and the people on the bus. It is also extremely unhealthy and dangerous. Not to mention that mold loves feasting on rubber, which is what the window seals are made of. Therefore, LP Auto Glass Orlando will take care of this problem and eliminate the mold and replace your bus’s window seals carefully.

 Mobile Windshield Repair Service If any of the abovementioned situations occur and you find that your bus is not safe to drive under such conditions, call for a mobile windshield repair service, which many auto glass repair shops, including LP Auto Glass Orlando, provide at no additional cost. This will bring a professional repairman right to your location and get your problem dealt with right away.

If your bus has a windshield or window damage, go to an auto glass repair shop like Low Price Auto Glass Orlando where the professional service is affordable.