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How to Prevent a Car Glass Repair by Reducing Glares

Glares can be a driver’s worst enemy, along with flat tires, chipped glass, and a dead car battery. OK, let’s face it, a driver faces lots of problems. But that doesn’t mean that none of them can be prevented. Glares might be irritating, but you can exile them from your car and, as a result, protect your car from a car glass repair. Here are 4 simple steps that will help you get rid of glares:

Clean the Windshield from the Inside and Out

The most important action to take in order to maintain your car’s glass, keep the glares away, and avoid going to a car glass repair shop is to start out by cleaning your windshield. Take a windshield cleaner, such as Rain-X Original Glass Treatment or Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner, and spray it over the windshield. Then, using a microfiber cloth (don’t use regular rags, towels, or sponges as they can scratch the glass), wipe the glass clean. It will sparkle like it should. Then, repeating the same process, clean the other side of the windshield from inside the car. This will remove dirt and grime that have been building up on the glass and stop windshield glares.

Clean all Windows and Mirrors 

car glass repairOf course, cleaning the windshield isn’t enough to remove glares. You can still get glares through your windows and mirrors, as they can reflect other cars’ headlights and obstruct your vision. Before you go to a glass repair shop, take a look at your glass. When was the last time you cleaned it properly? It’s highly necessary to clean all of your vehicle’s glass, including your rearview mirror, if you are having problems with glares.

Clean Windshield Wipers

While cleaning your windshield wipers doesn’t directly affect glares, it does help you maintain your windshield’s cleanliness, which in turn removes glares. Thus, it is crucial to regularly inspect your wiper blades and get them cleaned. Use your favorite washer fluid to wet a microfiber cloth. Then, use the cloth to wipe the windshield wipers. This will leave them in a good condition and help you keep the glass in a topnotch shape. However, if your windshield wipers are old and have cracks in them, replace them with new ones, as the old wipers can scratch at the glass and cause even more glares. At the same time, always be sure that you have enough washer fluid in your car so you can keep the windshield clean at all times.

Clean the Headlights

Finally, in order to avoid glares and not have to go to a car glass repair shop, clean your car’s headlights. This will help you view the road more clearly since other vehicles’ lights won’t outshine yours and blur your vision. There are a couple of ways to clean the headlights. While wiping them off with a car cleaner and a microfiber cloth is good—even essential—you will find that you need to do more in order to remove the yellow haze that’s on them. Therefore, what you can do is take baking soda and vinegar and combine a little bit of each in a foam cup. Then, you will dab your microfiber cloth in this homemade remedy and use it to wipe the grime and haze off of the headlights. This homemade solution can be very effective toward reducing glares.


Four easy steps are all it takes to get rid of those irritating glares you see while driving, and removing them will help you prevent a car glass repair.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

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We have all had our lazy days—and even our lazy months—when it came to washing our cars and maintaining them. Getting all the products and tools ready to personally clean our cars can be tedious. Plus, standing outside just to scrub dirt off the surface of our vehicles is not fun at all, and it is not how most of us want to spend our time. Still, there is such a thing as a car wash, and the good news is that not all car washes are expensive. In fact, there are many car washes out there that cost you $5 or less for an express car wash. So here is the deal: how often should you wash your car and what are the benefits?

Times You Should Wash Your Car If you are the typical busy worker, businessman, parent, and/or student then you probably feel like you do not have time to spare on washing your car. However, if you go to a car wash once a month or at least once every month and a half, you will have a shiny, clean car. Besides, the best part about going to a car wash is that your car gets washed in no time. Bring your phone or tablet along and enjoy some videos while you wait the 10 to 15 minutes. That is not too bad, right?

What are the Benefits of Washing Car? Asides from upholding the value of your vehicle in the case of having to sell it again, getting your car washed often also helps keep your car stay in shape and be safe to drive. For instance, imagine having many love bugs on the car’s bumper. Because love bugs are acidic they can destroy the car’s paint. As a result, if you do not wash your car soon after love bugs cling on to the car, the paint could start peeling off.

Another benefit of washing your car is the fact that doing so protects your windshields, windows, and mirrors. If you have a dirty auto glass, then they are more prone to scratches, cracks, and chips. Just imagine using your windshield wipers when the glass is dusty and has rough particles all over it. The wiper blades will only scrape over the dirt, pushing it around rather than cleaning it off, and this process will only cause the glass to scratch.

Additionally, washing your car will ensure that your headlights stay clean and clear at all times. How often do you examine your headlights? Chances are that they have a hazy yellow color on their surface, blocking the majority of light you rely on to view the road at night. This can be dangerous for your driving. As a result, getting your car washed can solve this issue.

As you can see, taking your car to a car wash on a regular basis can preserve your car’s value all the way ensuring that it is safe for you to drive. So give your car the love and attention it needs!