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Our Top 4 Blogs on Broken Windshield Repair

Is your windshield broken and it looks more and more like you’re going to need a repair? Don’t delay! If you’re not sure whether you have an easy broken windshield to repair or a terribly damaged one that might need a complete replacement, the four blogs below should help you figure that out.

Common Mistakes Made with Broken Auto Glass Auto glass sometimes gets damaged or shatters completely. It is annoying and unpleasant for car owners, but it does happen. And sometimes, in an attempt to save on money, car owners make big mistakes. These mistakes are common, but that doesn’t make them OK. Below are four of the most common mistakes made with broken auto glass, and we are sharing them with you so that you can do better.

What to Do When You Have a Cracked Windshield to Repair You are on your way to an important event when you pass by a road construction. There are a lot of rocks and debris scattered about, and without being able to do anything about it, a rock hits your windshield. The whole incident takes no more than half a second; it is so quick that you’re not sure what just happened. Even your brain is taking a couple of seconds more to register the new crack in your windshield. You stop your car at the nearest gas station, you throw your hands in the air, and you wonder why this had to happen to you of all the drivers. But now that it has happened, there is no other way around it. You must get it repaired. So what do you do? What are your options when it comes to windshield repair? Here is a checklist of all you need to do.

Start 2016 with a Windshield Repair and a Clean Car Start 2016 with a clean slate and make it your New Year’s resolution to maintain your car. Whether your car needs a windshield repair thanks to an annoying chip or crack in the glass or you just have a really dirty car, be sure to keep your car in shape. There are several benefits to keeping your car clean and well-repaired. To learn more about these benefits, continue reading!

Signs that You Need a Windshield Replacement This is a repost of an old blog we wrote. We are sharing it once more because it is informative, especially since we are nearing winter. So now, imagine you’re driving down the road when something drops straight off a tree and onto your windshield. You’re pretty sure those wild squirrels are to blame, but it’s too late. The glass now sports a small crack, and you’re wondering if this tiny damage will ruin the rest of your windshield and, ultimately, your car. This happens to car owners all the time, and though they hope that if they ignore the damage—whether it’s in the form of cracks, chips, scratches, or the shattering of the entire windshield—it’ll go away, car windshield replacement or repair is a must. Before we dive into everything you need to know about repairing or replacing your windshield, let’s mention a few tips that can help you avoid a major windshield damage.

These four LP Auto Glass Orlando blogs should help you take care of your broken windshield until you get it repaired. Just be sure not to delay too long so your windshield doesn’t get worse.

Terrible Advice for Fixing a Broken Windshield

Broken Windshield

This is a repost of an old blog that many of our readers have found helpful in the past. We have added some tips at the end to help you maintain your windshield if you had just gotten it repaired or replaced or if you simply want to avoid any auto glass damages in the future. At Low Price Auto Glass Orlando, we’ve had people come in with the most bizarre windshield repair situations. For one, those people had delayed and neglected to come to us as soon as their broken windshield occurred. Then, they went ahead and attempted to fix the glass themselves, using the strangest, most flimsy tools at their disposal. We were so shocked at what we saw, that we just had to share it with you so you don’t make the same mistakes. These people had believed advice strangers had given them, but you should be extra cautious when you fall in the same situations with your vehicle’s glass. Take a look at the worst advice for repairing auto glass:

#1) Tape Can Hold Together Anything, Including Your Broken Windshield

Let’s be clear, tape, no matter in what form, is not going to fix your broken windshield. Adhesive tape is so delicate that you can literally tear it up with your own fingers. Now imagine if you use that tape to hold together a windshield with a chip. Rain can easily soften the tape’s hold on the glass. Even duct tape, which is certainly thicker and bigger, won’t help you. You have a large, heavy windshield in comparison to a piece of tape. It’s not going to hold, and the chip will expand into a crack that then turns into many fissures. Totally not worth it!

#2) Super Glue Permanently Fixes Things, So Why Not the Glass?

Super glue, no matter how strong, is not literally permanent. It does have many benefits, such as putting back together the handle on your favorite coffee mug that you accidentally broke. However, when it comes to broken auto glass, you have to remember that you have a big windshield that’s holding up a heavy car roof. That super glue is only going to create a sticky mess that’s going to be impossible to remove later. And guess what that’ll do? That’ll create a blurry windshield with many light glares. Now, isn’t it better to just go to the professionals before all this mess happens?

nailpolish#3) Nail Polish Makes Nails Strong, So It Has to Work on Windshields!

This advice is so ridiculous, we’re not sure why anyone actually believed it. Nail polish is definitely not going to fix your broken auto glass. Think about it. When someone puts nail polish on their fingernails, it keeps their nails strong for a few days. At first, the color is sparkly and neat, but then it starts to get dull, and that’s when you notice the first chip. Nail polish then peels off, and nails are back to their normal strength. As a result, nail polish is not going to be any different on windshields. It might last for a day or two, but it certainly won’t make a difference. It’ll peel off after being exposed to rain and the harsh heat, and the chip will still turn into a big crack.
#4) There are Special Band-Aids for Windshields That You Can Always Use

Some geniuses out there decided that a great way to fool people into giving them lots and lots of money is to create “special” Band-Aids for windshields. This is obviously complete baloney, but consumers still fell for this trick. Let’s be frank, this is just another form of translucent tape, and it’s not going to hold up a heavy, broken windshield. Don’t listen to these advertisements. Be wise and realize that all of this is just a means to strip you of your money.

Tips for Maintaining Your Windshield

Why wait until you have a damaged windshield to start really caring for auto glass? With the following tips, you’ll maintain the windshield year round and prevent the glass from needing repairs:

  • Be sure to regularly wash the glass using a microfiber cloth and a high quality windshield cleaner.
  • Avoid washing your windshield under a bright sun; wash when the sun isn’t as bright.
  • Avoid using household products and detergents to wash your windshield.
  • Keep ammonia away from your windshield. A product that has ammonia is Windex.
  • Use WD-40 if you need to remove a sticker or a decal off your windshield.
  • Never scratch the windshield with car keys to remove stickers.
  • Wash windshield wipers often.
  • Replace old windshield wipers before they damage the glass.

A broken windshield needs to be repaired by an expert rather than get fixed with tools that an eight year old uses in his school’s arts and crafts project. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go to a professional auto glass shop, or you might end up facing worse repairs. When you see a chip in your windshield, take immediate action. You’ll be glad in the end when you save a bunch of your dollars.