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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windshield Today

A damaged windshield can sometimes be easily repaired; in under twenty minutes at an auto glass repair shop, your windshield will be good as new. However, other times, the damage is too big or too risky, putting you at risk. This calls for you to replace windshield. Although doing so is not fun, it is necessary for your safety. Here are four signs you need to replace your windshield today: Continue reading

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Telling Signs that You Need a Windshield Replacement

Did you know that it is against Florida law to drive on the road with a damaged windshield? In fact, a fragile windshield or a completely shattered one can cause your car’s roof to collapse. That is because the windshield holds the roof up. Without the windshield, you are in danger on the road. So, if you happen to have a damaged windshield, how can you tell whether you need a windshield replacement over a repair? Continue reading

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Top 4 LP Auto Glass Blogs on Averting a Windshield Replacement

Auto glass is an important aspect of a car. If it is damaged, you can put yourself at risk of accidents. In fact, a completely shattered windshield can cause your car’s roof to collapse. Therefore, avoiding auto glass damage is crucial. Below is a list of our top 4 blogs on preventing a windshield replacement and other auto glass damage: Continue reading

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5 Mistakes People Make with a Windshield Replacement

People sometimes go into denial when they see a broken windshield. Their first thought, “I’m not paying for this!” While it is unfortunate to have to pay for a damaged windshield, not doing anything about it—or doing something crazy about it—is not going to make the problem go away. In fact, if you need a windshield replacement, your best chance at saving money is to take your car to an auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. Here are 5 mistakes people make when they need a windshield replacement (and why you should avoid them): Continue reading

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4 Major Signs You Need a Car Windshield Replacement

You woke up to go to work. As you are walking to your car, you noticed a big crack in the windshield. You looked around, trying to figure out the cause of this awful damage. After seeing no culprit, you thought of the neighbor’s kids and how they like to play football outside. Perhaps they did it. Now you are stuck with a damaged windshield and you must figure out whether you need a car windshield repair or a car windshield replacement. To make things easier for you, we have listed the top 4 signs you need a replacement: Continue reading

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Avoid a Windshield Replacement by Educating Your Teen Drivers

Your teen just started to drive his or her own car, and that is both wonderful and terrifying at the same time! But all is well. As long as you teach your teen the proper rules of the road, and a few other simple tips, you would not have to worry—at least not too much. Of course, it is highly important to remind your teen to drive cautiously, never text and drive, and always have two hands at the wheel. Though, you should also teach your teen driver how to take care of their car’s glass so they can prevent a windshield replacement at the hands of scratched or cracked glass. Here is how to guide your teen in doing this: Continue reading

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5 Mistakes Made with a Car Windshield Replacement

A car windshield replacement is not optional when your windshield gets damaged beyond repair. The way you can tell that your auto glass cannot be repaired is by how big or dangerous the damage is. For instance, if the windshield is completely shattered, there is a big chip in the glass, there is a crack in the glass, or there are scratches in the line of sight of the driver, then a car windshield replacement is a must since a repair would not be able to hold the glass together or keep the driver safe on the road. Still, every year, people make 5 mistakes with their broken auto glass instead of getting it replaced professionally. For your safety, avoid these mistakes: Continue reading

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4 Signs You Need a Windshield Replacement in Orlando

You are driving on the road when something small—perhaps a pebble—hits your windshield. Now you have damaged glass and do not know what to do. Do you need a windshield repair? Or this is worse? While it is good to hope that the damage is minor and that you can easily fix it with a quick repair at an auto glass repair shop, you have to keep in mind that getting a windshield replacement Orlando might be necessary if the damage is big. But how can you tell how bad the damage is? Here is a general guideline:

Cracks – Drivers whose windshields are in damaged conditions always ask if all cracks, chips, shatters, or scratches in a windshield need to be replaced, and the answer is yes! Cracks can be the most dangerous as they can cause obscuring vision and possibly be the source of accidents. A crack needs to be addressed immediately by a certified technician. Though, since repairing cracks does not make them disappear (they are big, after all), you will most likely need to get a windshield replacement to fix the entire glass.

Chips – Chips caused by a flying rock or other object may not always need a full windshield replacement.Windshield replacement Orlando Many chips can be filled in, especially if the chip is not directly in the line of vision of the driver. Still, just like with cracks, it is important to address this problem immediately with a certified technician. On the other hand, if the chip is in the driver’s line of vision, then a windshield replacement Orlando is a must, since the location of the chip can put the driver at risk.

Scratches – While scratched windshields don’t cause any distressing damage to a car, such as by creating the possibility of the entire windshield shattering, they should still be replaced since they obscure the driver’s visibility and can cause accidents. It is especially imperative that you get your windshield replaced if you see scratches directly in your line of vision.

Shattered Windshield – Car windshield replacement is definitely necessary if the windshield shatters, and drivers with this problem should see a certified technician immediately. In fact, drivers should not drive if the windshield has shattered. Instead, they should call for a mobile windshield repair. What many people do not know is that windshields play an important role in supporting a car’s roof. Improper or lack of replacement of the windshield can cause the vehicle’s roof to collapse, possibly injuring someone. So never leave this problem unresolved.


If you notice any of these four signs in your damaged auto glass, take your car for a windshield replacement Orlando service right away to prevent other problems from happening. Getting your windshield taken care of will help you and others stay safe on the road and keep your car protected from further damage as well.

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How to Prevent an Auto Glass Replacement in Orlando

Getting an auto glass damage can happen any time. The good news is, if you have a small windshield damage, you can most likely get it repaired without replacing the entire glass. However, if you neglect the damage, you will end up making it worse. Follow these tips in order to prevent an auto glass replacement Orlando:

Don’t Ignore Small Damage

Oftentimes, people see the damage, whether it’s a small chip or a big crack in the windshield and windows, and assume that it will be fine if left for a while. As a result, they ignore the broken auto glass for days and even weeks. Though, if it’s not obvious enough, leaving car glass in that state will only cause the problem to increase. For instance, if the glass is chipped—no matter how small the chip is—over a period of time and constant driving, it’ll grow bigger until it splits into many fissures and the glass shatters. Furthermore, any small bump in the road, like those you find in neighborhoods, can be other triggers for the glass to shatter. So if you want to prevent an auto glass replacement Orlando, don’t ignore any damage, big or small.

Don’t Fix Any Small Damage at HomeOrlando auto glass

In an attempt to hold on to their money, many people decide to try out DIY auto glass repair kits. They purchase these kits for a reasonable amount of money (perhaps $15) and look up directions from YouTube videos to see how the kits can be properly used. Though, many people who put up instructional videos online of auto glass repair kits are either expert auto glass technicians and are used to repairing windshields and windows with steady hands or they’re regular people with simple glass damages, such as scratches. If you’re watching videos by experts, you’re probably thinking that the broken glass looks easy to fix, and if you’re watching regular people fix small issues, then you’re being misled into thinking that any damage can be easily fixed. The fact is, chips and cracks are harder to repair at home than minor scratches, and if your hand isn’t used to precise, steady manual labor, you could completely destroy the glass and pay so much more than you would have before. Besides, auto glass repair kits don’t work long-term. Thus, it’s better to leave glass damage to the professionals.

Don’t Ignore Small Damage Even If It’s Out of Your Line of Vision

For some, if they see that the glass is damaged far from the driver’s line of vision, such as on the right side of the windshield, they tend to not give it too much thought. They think that as long as the issue is far from them, it won’t impair their driving. Though, the truth is that a broken auto glass is dangerous no matter where the damage is located. Pretending that there is nothing to worry about is going to lead the driver to regret not doing anything in the first place. So before you let damage like this get worse and end up needing an auto glass replacement Orlando, go to the professionals.

Go to a Professional Right Away

The last but certainly not least mistake drivers make when they notice that their cars’ glass is damaged is neglect to go to a professional. In order to save their wallets from temporary hunger (for money, of course), drivers continue to drive their cars instead of get the situation under control. And you can probably guess where that leads those drivers . . .


Don’t ignore a small windshield damage. If you want to prevent an auto glass replacement Orlando, be sure to follow these important tips.

Washing a Car Prevents an Auto Glass Replacement

Sometimes, you might be unfortunate and find that your car’s windshield has been damaged. Parking in a safer area could have possibly averted the harm. Yet, it is important to remember that your windshield can easily get damaged simply because of your actions and neglect, even if you drive and park in a safe area. There is one particular factor that plays a major role in the shape of your car’s glass, and that’s the cleanliness of the glass itself. If there is dirt, such as mud, bird droppings, or dead love bugs, it can ruin the windshield and windows if not cleaned off for a long time. As a result, it is your priority to keep your car clean, particularly your windshield and windows, in order to prevent an auto glass replacement from becoming necessary.

Why Is Cleaning the Glass Important? Clean glass not only helps clear your driving visibility, but it also protects the glass from damage. For instance, if you spend the day at the beach, your car is most likely going to be dusty at the end of your outing from all the sand the wind blew around. Though sand does not seem to be threatening (after all, kids play in it), it is harmful to the windshield. The tiny grains can scratch the glass, especially if you use your windshield wipers to wipe the dusty layer off of your car. The friction caused by the contact ruins the glass in an awful way, forcing you to get an auto glass replacement, which you want to avoid. The same thing can be said of bird droppings. Although unpleasant, for the most part they seem harmless. Yet, leaving them smudged to the glass will only make them harder to remove. They’ll dry up, and then when you do attempt to remove them, they’ll also scratch at the glass. In the end, all this dirt and scratching will weaken the windshield and windows, leaving them susceptible to getting chips and cracks and easily getting shattered. To top it off, having a dirty windshield also means that your windshield wipers are dirty, and this increases the chance of the glass getting damaged.

How to Thoroughly Clean the Glass So if dirty windshields and windows create a hazard, how do you clean them thoroughly and properly to avert having to get an auto glass replacement? Cleaning glass is actually pretty easy if you follow these tips:

  • If you have dusty or sandy windows and windshield, then you can easily remove the dirt using a damp microfiber cloth. All you have to do is wipe the glass clear, relying on the microfiber cloth to scrub out any rough dirt stains. What’s wonderful about microfiber cloths is that they are soft and gentle, meaning that they won’t scratch at the car’s glass or paint (if you enjoy washing your car at home and need a safe cleaning cloth).
  • If you have bird droppings, it’s important to get rid of them by hand. People tend to use their windshield wipers when on the go to remove these droppings; however, doing so can dirty the wipers and damage the windshield by scratching it. So try to avoid cleaning bird droppings using the wipers. Instead, as soon as you can, soak your microfiber cloth with club soda and use it to wipe away bird droppings. Club soda makes this type of cleaning easy. Then, you can wash the windshield with water and dry it off properly.
  • You should clean your windshield wipers on a weekly basis to prevent getting an auto glass replacement. You can do so by going to a nearby gas station and using their free windshield cleaning tools. Pay special attention to the surface underneath the wipers, as that can hide a lot of grime. You can also rinse off the wipers with water to get rid of trapped dirt.

A Few Additional Tips

Washing auto glass isn’t the only task you should do every so often. The following are just as important to do:

  • Be sure to replace old windshield wipers when they start to see cracks in the rubber and hear screeching against the glass. Usually, windshield wipers need to be replaced every six months or so.
  • fluid_graphicRegularly fill up on the windshield washer fluid, since you might need it to clean the glass at some point while you’re driving.

Washing your car and paying special attention to the windshield and windows can certainly help you prevent an auto glass replacement.