windshield tinting

When Is It Best to Get Windshield Tinting Done?

Windshield tinting is fantastic for both you and your car. Safety on the road is important, and having your windshield tinted helps prevent some accidents. For instance, the tinted glass puts an end to sun glares. In return, you can see the road clearly. This decreases your chance of crashing with another car because of obstructed vision. But when should you get your windshield tinted done? Is there a specific time that is better than another?

The Best Time to Get Your Windshield Tinted

The best time to get your windshield tinted is any time you find yourself thinking the following:

  • I am tired of these sun glares
  • Anyone can see what I have in the car
  • Thieves can see my things
  • I do not feel comfortable sitting in a hot car
  • The car’s leather seats are cracking under the heat

windshield tintingThere is no perfect time to get a windshield tinting done. It is up to you to decide when you and your car needs this service. Whether it is summer or winter does not matter. What matters is you.

If you find the leather upholstery cracking under the heat, that is a sign that your car needs protection. By getting your windshield tinted, you would also be keeping your car cool. Never again would you have to deal with sitting in a blistering car.

Where Can You Get the Best Windshield Tinting Service?

There are many auto glass shops that can tint your windshield, but none like LP Auto Glass Orlando. When you get your windshield tinted here, you have high trained professionals working on the glass. This ensures your auto glass is in the best hands and looks its best. An effective tinted glass within the legal limit should not be handed off for just about anyone to do. LP Auto Glass Orlando’s experts have the best tools to make your windshield have the tint you desire.


Windshield tinting is a great way for all drivers to stay safe on the road and protect their cars from the everyday elements, like the hot sun. Get it done anytime you feel is right for you. There is no particular time that a tinting service is best done. As long as you have a car and you want to protect it from the sun and/or thieves or just want to enhance its appearance, get your windshield tinted. You will not regret it!