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Top 4 Windshield Tinting Blogs from LP Auto Glass Orlando

Windshield tinting is often not seen as an important service to get. However, it actually serves many purposes in protecting you and your car. In fact, auto glass tinting is highly useful. Below are our top for blogs on auto glass tinting and how it can be beneficial to you:

Windshield Tinting and Other Ways to Keep Your Car Maintained

It is already summer, if the heat has not indicated that yet. Just like you, your car can get hot during this time. While your car cannot literally feel the heat, it still needs proper maintenance in the summer. How come? The matter is simple: your car heating up can cause lots of issues, such as the seats heating up and cracking. This is especially important if you have leather upholstery. One way to ensure you keep your car maintained in the summer is through auto glass tinting. Plus a few other tricks.

4 Reasons Florida Drivers Should Get Windshield Tinting

It is not a secret that Florida’s weather is a bit bipolar. One second it is sunny, the next there is a downpour. Yet when it is sunny, driving is very comfortable. It is no wonder that many Florida drivers hate stepping in their cars on a hot day. With auto glass tinting, however, this problem can be eliminated. In fact, there are four reasons Florida drivers should tint their windshield.

When Is It Best to Get Auto Glass Tinting Done?

Auto glass tinting is fantastic for both you and your car. Safety on the road is important, and having your windshield tinted helps prevent some accidents. For instance, the tinted glass puts an end to sun glares. In return, you can see the road clearly. This decreases your chance of crashing with another car because of obstructed vision. But when should you get your windshield tinted done? Is there a specific time that is better than another?

4 Myths on Windshield Tinting You Should Know

Every day, we see plenty of drivers who have their windshields tinted. Although tinting your windshield seems like a luxury, it is very beneficial. Nevertheless, many drivers continue to believe the many myths out there about tinting and why it is not worth paying for. These myths are, of course, false.


Windshield tinting has tons of benefits you probably overlooked, most of which can protect you and your car on and off the road.