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Our 4 Most Informative Blogs on the Value of Windshield Tinting

Windshield tinting is often perceived as a luxury. However, it is so much more than that. Auto glass tinting comes with tons of benefits for you and your car. Most of these benefits deal with your safety. There also happens to be some myths on tinting, such as that it destroys the glass. These myths are not true. Windshield tinting is a great tool for keeping your car preserved while staying safe on the road. If you are curious about tinting but are having a few doubts, have them no more. Below are our top four most informative blogs on auto glass tinting. They will answer all your questions and shed light on the value of tinting.

When Is It Best to Get Windshield Tinting Done?

Windshield tinting is fantastic for both you and your car. Safety on the road is important, and having your windshield tinted helps prevent some accidents. For instance, the tinted glass puts an end to sun glares. In return, you can see the road clearly. This decreases your chance of crashing with another car because of obstructed vision. But when should you get your windshield tinted done? Is there a specific time that is better than another?

Benefits of Tinting Your Auto Glass This Summer

Orlando is about to get hot. Summer starts in June, but let’s face it, Florida gets warm earlier than that. And don’t let the temporary windy air fool you; the sun is flashing its rays, and they’re only going to get worse. So what do you do if you live in Orlando and have to drive everywhere during the summer heat? Get car glass tinted, of course! At Low Price Auto Glass Orlando, we tint your car the proper, legal way and help you gain several benefits.

4 Myths on Windshield Tinting You Should Know

Every day, we see plenty of drivers who have their windshields tinted. Although windshield tinting seems like a luxury, it is very beneficial. Nevertheless, many drivers continue to believe the many myths out there about tinting and why it is not worth paying for. These myths are, of course, false.

Why Every Florida Driver Needs Auto Glass Tinting

Florida is a hot, there is no question about that. Sure, it gets cold for a few days in the winter, but that does not count. Lots of Florida drivers get their cars tinted to stay cool in the hot weather. However, while that is one perk of having tinted windows, it is not the only benefit.


These four blogs will help you discover how windshield tinting can improve your comfort and safety on and off the road while keeping your car well-maintained. Though tinting is only an add-on service, it is highly valuable for all drivers. Whether you drive often or not, tinting is great! Get a new, wonderful perspective on driving by tinting your windshield today at LP Auto Glass Orlando!