car windshield replacement

4 Steps to Preventing a Car Windshield Replacement

When you have a minor windshield damage, the best way to prevent it from it from leading to a car windshield replacement is to get it repaired. Despite this, many drivers make mistakes that end up costing them more. And a car windshield replacement can be costly. So, in order to prevent this from happening, follow these four crucial steps:

Never Ignore Small Damage

A big mistake people make is assuming that a minor damage can be left as is for a few days. As a result, they ignore the broken until it becomes a not-so-minor problem. Leaving car glass in that state will only cause the problem to increase. For instance, if the glass has a small chip, driving around will only make it grow bigger. Eventually, this could lead the glass to shatter. Not to mention that any small bump in the road can trigger the glass to weaken and shatter. Thus, to prevent a car windshield replacement, do not ignore any damage, big or small.

Do Not Repair Any Damage at Home

DIY auto glass repair kits might seem like a good idea, but they are far from it. Although the cheap price of the kit is tempting, these kits are unprofessional and do not fix the glass. Even if you see a person online use this kit and do a perfect job, it does guarantee that it will work for you. If you are watching videos by experts, you are probably thinking that the broken glass looks easy to fix.

On the other hand, if you are watching regular people fix small issues, then you are being misled into thinking that any damage can be easily fixed. The fact is, chips and cracks are harder to repair at home than minor scratches. Besides, if your hand is not used to precise, steady manual labor, you could completely destroy the glass. This will lead to a car windshield replacement that is costlier than a simple repair. Plus, auto glass repair kits do not work long-term. It is wise to leave windshield damages to the professionals.

Damage Out of Your Line of Sight is Also Dangerous

Some drives ignore damage far from their line of vision. They think that if the issue is far from them, it will not impair their driving. However, the truth is that a broken windshield is dangerous no matter where the damage is located. Pretending that there is nothing to worry about is going to lead the driver to regret not doing anything in the first place. So, do not let damage like this lead to a car windshield replacement. Go to the professionals!

Call an Auto Glass Professional

Another mistake drivers make when they notice that their cars’ glass is damaged is neglect to go to a professional. In order to save some money, drivers continue to drive their cars instead of getting the situation under control. And you can probably guess where that leads those drivers.


A car windshield replacement is often preventable. By avoiding certain mistakes and getting the glass repaired, you can keep the windshield damage at bay.