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Proper Way to Remove Love Bugs to Prevent a Car Glass Repair

Love bugs are harmless, unless they are on your car. Spring is just a few weeks away, and with it comes love bug season. Those mating bugs pop up everywhere. However, their favorite place to be is your windshield. This can cause problems for your car because these bugs are full of acidity. When they die and decompose, their acidic blood ruins the car glass and paint. This can lead to a car glass repair and other issues. Therefore, removing love bugs the right way can help you prevent this costly service.

Regularly Wash Your Windshield

The best way to prevent love bugs from decomposing on your windshield or bumper is by frequently washing your car. If you do not have time, you can simply wash the areas where love bugs are most found. Keep your windshield clean from week to week. When you fill up on gas, find the free windshield-cleaning tools. It takes a minute to clean the windshield, but it is worth it.

Do Not Use Your Windshield Wipers to Remove Love Bugs

car glass repairIf you see love bugs on your windshield, do not use your windshield wipers to get rid of them. If they are still alive, the wipers will squish them and cause their acid blood to ooze out on the glass. And if they are dead, you will ruin the wipers and possibly scratch the glass. So, in order to prevent a car glass repair, keep your windshield wipers at bay if you see love bugs.

Use WD-40 to Get Rid of Hard to Remove Love Bugs

Love bugs are tricky to clean, especially if they have been dead on your car for some time. The best method to removing them is using WD-40 and a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth is soft and gentle on car glass, making it the best cleaning tool. WD-40 is a penetrating oil that helps make love bugs looser and easier to wipe off. Spray some WD-40 on the spots with love bugs and wait a few minutes for the oil to set. Then, take your dry microfiber cloth and wipe the love bugs off.

Get Your Car Waxed to Prevent Future Love Bugs

While this is optional, it is extremely helpful. Rather than cleaning love bugs off always, get your car waxed. Although this will not let the love bugs stay away from the glass, it will keep them off the car’s paint, which will decrease the amount you see near your car. The reason waxing your car is effective against love bugs is because it makes the surface of your car slippery. Thus, love bugs cannot hold on or decompose on your car.


Do not let love bug season ruin your car and lead to a car glass repair. Properly clean love bugs off your car this spring and keep your car well-maintained.