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Preventing a Car Glass Repair by Terminating Mold

When it comes to mold, we all cringe. However, did you know that mold is not always bad? That’s right! Mold can sometimes be helpful, but not when it comes to your car. In fact, mold found in your car is highly dangerous if not removed properly. Plus, it might lead to a car glass repair (or a replacement in worst case scenarios).

What is Mold?

There are many types of mold, but all of them are generally the same. Mold is an organism that breeds quickly and decays whatever it can. For the Most part, mold causes organic materials to biodegrade. That’s why damp, undried areas, like car seats and carpets, are ideal candidates for this organism. You can even see mold growing on big garbage disposals where tons of leftover food and soggy trash are stored for days on end. Yikes!

While good, healthy mold can be found in types of cheeses, having mold in your car is not healthy. More mold than is typically in the air can cause allergic reactions if breathed for a while. Besides, it can destroy (or eat) objects through biodegradation. That is why, when it materializes in your vehicle, you should never let it remain. It could ruin various materials within the car including the glass, causing you to get a car glass repair.

What Causes Your Windshield to Grow Mold?

Since mold is not highly common in cars, people are surprised when they do find it in their vehicles. There are many reasons for the mold growth in your car. For one, if you left your car parked outdoors for months, particularly in a humid or moist environment, then that could cause mold to breed. Second, if you spilled water in the car and did not let it dry, that is another reason for it. Though, if this problem is not solved, mold will spread into the glass and lead to a car glass repair.

Is Windshield Mold Dangerous?

Windshield mold is very dangerous. Too much mold can cause health issues. However, when it comes to your car, having mold indicates that there are an extreme amount of dirt and other untreated problems. So, that is not something you want to be sitting and breathing in. Though, the most threatening aspect is that mold could be eating at the window seals. In no time, your car glass might even break from the damage to its window seals. Driving would become highly unsafe for you at that point.

Preventing Windshield Mold

If your car has mold, there are ways to combat it and deter a car glass repair. First, you should always keep your car clean. Never leave trash, especially the sort that decomposes naturally (like food). If you spill a drink inside the car, wash it and let the damp area air-dry. On the other hand, if you do not drive your car any more, turn the AC on from time to time and roll the windows down. Letting the air move and refresh is important. Yet, if you notice the window seals are cracking or that there is mold on them, stop driving your car. You also should not attempt to clean the mold on your own. Instead, call a mobile windshield repair expert and have them replace that windshield and clean the panel from the mold.


Preventing a car glass repair by getting rid of mold and maintaining your car is important, since mold is dangerous in your car and puts you in harm’s way.