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How to Prevent a Broken Windshield Repair in Simple Ways

Preventing a broken windshield repair seems impossible, right? However, it is not. Through simply maintaining your windshield and taking precautions, you can dodge a costly repair. Yes, it is that simple!

Are Your Windshield Wipers in Working Condition?

Examine your windshield wipers and make sure they are functioning. Wiper blades play a major role in maintaining the windshield. If there are cracks and tears in the rubber, the blades could scratch the glass when you put them to use. Therefore, if you are driving during a heavy storm and your wipers are in an awful condition, you are harming your windshield.

What you need to do: do not neglect your windshield wipers. Look at them closely once a month and any time after you drive in a storm. Search for cuts and worn rubber. If you find any, replace the wipers with new ones. The life expectancy of wiper blades usually varies somewhere from six months to a year. By inspecting them and not keeping them past their age, you are guarding your glass from a broken windshield repair.

Are You Keeping Car Glass Clean?

Keeping your car glass clean helps you maintain your windshield wipers. In turn, your wipers keep the glass strong and secure during rain. On the other hand, if the glass remains dirty, then the wiper blades will also become dirty. This makes them more prone to cracks and tears in the rubber. Then, the next time it rains, you would be using worn out wiper blades and causing damage to the glass.

Are You Investing in a Rain Repellent?

This precaution is not necessary, but it is highly recommended if you want to do everything you can to prevent a broken windshield repair. Using a windshield rain repellent helps you ward off rain without needing to set your wipers to maximum speed. In fact, with a rain repellent treatment, you might not even need to use your wipers at all. The rain repellent usually does a great job of improving your visibility during rain. Rain-X is a well-known rain repellent product on the market.

What you need to do: You can spray the rain repellent on the glass (the windshield and other windows) and then wipe the excess off. Using a rain repellent is pretty simple.

Are You Parking Cautiously?

How do you park cautiously and how does that defend your car glass from rain? When you park your car, check your surroundings. Make sure that your car is not directly underneath a tree with a weak tree branch that could fall easily. Take a look at anything that could harm your vehicle, even if it is sunny and nice out. For all you know, while you are away, a bad rain could ensue and wreck your car glass. So, taking this precaution is an added safety measure.


Preventing a broken windshield repair requires very simple precautions. However, those precautions will keep you safe on and off the road!