power window repair Orlando

When Do You Need a Power Window Repair Orlando?

A car in a great condition is a car that runs fully as it should. It is a safe car and a comfortable car. For that reason, everything must work. A damaged power window might not seem hazardous, but it can be. Not only could it put you at risk of accidents on the road, but it could also lure thieves. So, getting a power window repair Orlando when you need it is important. It ensures your safety and the safety of your car. Here are times you will need a power window repair:

When You Have a Jammed Power Window

Jammed power windows are not dangerous for the most part. However, there is one exception: when the window is jammed open. Just imagine driving on the road without being able to shut your window when you want to. This can get uncomfortable, though the worst part is that an opened jammed window could increase your chance of an accident. What if it started raining when you are on the road? Driving with rain hitting you in the face is not a good idea. Not only does this put you in danger, but it endangers others on the road as well.

Similarly, a jammed power window that is open is likely to attract thieves. After all, the window is open and gives thieves easy access to your car. They do not need to break a window or slip any tools inside to unlock the car. A jammed power window makes your car an easy target. Thus, it is important to get a power window repair Orlando is such instances.

When You Have a Jammed Sunroof

Just as a jammed power window is dangerous, a jammed sunroof is dangerous too. A sunroof is a power window, just in your car’s roof. So, while you may forget about it, it is crucial to get it repaired if it is jammed. Otherwise, rain, bugs, and thieves can easy get into your car.

When Rain is Getting Inside Your Window but You Cannot Close it

As stated above, rain entering your car through your jammed window is hazardous. If this is occurring, it is crucial you pull over to safety and stop driving your car. It is then imperative you call an auto glass repair shop for a power window repair Orlando. While driving to an auto glass repair shop is recommended in other instances, in this one you should not drive. Instead, ask for a mobile repair service and get your window unjammed.


A power window repair Orlando is easy to do, but it can make a world of difference. Having a working car window keeps you safe on and off the road.