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Protecting Your Family and Pets with a Windshield Repair

Family is everything, and pets are family. When it comes to being safe on the road, your number one priority is your family. This is especially true if you have kids. You want to be extra cautious and safe because the lives of others are in your hands. So how can you protect your family and pets when you have a damaged windshield and need a windshield repair? Continue reading

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5 Precautions if You Need a Power Window Repair Orlando

Getting a power window repair Orlando is simple. You take your car to an auto glass repair shop and have them repair the window. If your window is jammed or broken, professional technicians know just what to do. However, while all that sounds simple, you should always take these five safety precautions before going to an auto glass repair shop: Continue reading

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4 Most Helpful Blogs on Getting a Mobile Windshield Repair

A broken windshield can bring about many uncertainties and questions. How will you pay for the damage to be repaired? Who will do the best repair job? When should you get the repair? And should you even drive your car? All these questions can be answered. Although the situation is stressful, knowing what to do can help prepare you for the repair. Here are four helpful blogs on getting a mobile windshield repair: Continue reading

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What to Do If a Disney Day Leads to a Car Windshield Replacement

You are vacationing at Walt Disney World in Orlando. It is the most magical place on earth. Your kids are happy, you and your partner are happy, and nothing can ruin your day, except for a damaged windshield. What do you do then? Below are actions you must take if a fun Disney day leads to an unfortunate car windshield replacement: Continue reading

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Proper Way to Remove Love Bugs to Prevent a Car Glass Repair

Love bugs are harmless, unless they are on your car. Spring is just a few weeks away, and with it comes love bug season. Those mating bugs pop up everywhere. However, their favorite place to be is your windshield. This can cause problems for your car because these bugs are full of acidity. When they die and decompose, their acidic blood ruins the car glass and paint. This can lead to a car glass repair and other issues. Therefore, removing love bugs the right way can help you prevent this costly service. Continue reading

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Removing Mold to Prevent Auto Windshield Repairs

Mold is not as uncommon as you might think in cars. It can usually be found in neglected vehicles left out in a humid, moist environment. However, it can also be found in cars where a water spill never dried properly. Food trucks can be easily susceptible to mold if not aired out and cleaned right. The good news is that mold can be dealt with to prevent auto windshield repairs. The bad news is that leaving it to spread throughout your car is dangerous. Continue reading

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What Makes LP Auto Glass Orlando the Best

All car glass repair shops are the same, right? Wrong! What makes a car glass repair shop stand out is its level of quality, strong customer service, fairness of prices, and its promise to you. If it does not have any of those, it is not a professional shop. Getting the job done is not the same as getting it done the right way for an affordable price. That is why LP Auto Glass Orlando is the best in Central Florida. Continue reading

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Why Every Florida Driver Needs Auto Glass Tinting

Florida is a hot, there is no question about that. Sure, it gets cold for a few days in the winter, but that does not count. Lots of Florida drivers tint their windows to stay cool in the hot weather. However, while that is one perk of having tinted windows, it is not the only benefit. Auto glass tinting can do the following things: Continue reading