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repairing auto glass

Why Repairing Auto Glass Is Not Always Done the Same

Auto glass never gets damaged in the same exact way. If you see damage in one spot of your windshield and another damage in another spot, chances are that those two damages are completely different. For that reason, repairing auto glass is never done the same. In fact, sometimes a repair is not an option at all due to the risk the damage is to the driver. Below are instances why repairing auto glass does not always get the same treatment: Continue reading

repairing auto glass

4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windshield Today

A damaged windshield can sometimes be easily repaired; in under twenty minutes at an auto glass repair shop, your windshield will be good as new. However, other times, the damage is too big or too risky, putting you at risk. This calls for you to replace windshield. Although doing so is not fun, it is necessary for your safety. Here are four signs you need to replace your windshield today: Continue reading

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Top 4 Blogs on the Best Ways to Avoid a Windshield Repair

Avoiding a windshield repair is not always easy, especially when the unexpected occurs on the road. You could drive safely, and a chip will still somehow land in your windshield from road debris. Although you cannot always avoid these damages, you can take precautions. Doing so will ensure you are less likely to need a repair. Below are 4 blogs to help you avoid this annoying repairs: Continue reading

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Keeping Your Kids Safe with an Auto Windshield Repair

When it comes to children, car safety is a must, there is no question about it. This means that you cannot drive recklessly, you cannot merge into lanes without putting your blinker on, and you cannot speed on the road. Of course, you should never do these things, but with children, you must be even more careful than before. So how can you keep your children safe when you have a damaged windshield? The answer is simple: get an auto windshield repair. Continue reading

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Telling Signs that You Need a Windshield Replacement

Did you know that it is against Florida law to drive on the road with a damaged windshield? In fact, a fragile windshield or a completely shattered one can cause your car’s roof to collapse. That is because the windshield holds the roof up. Without the windshield, you are in danger on the road. So, if you happen to have a damaged windshield, how can you tell whether you need a windshield replacement over a repair? Continue reading

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Why You Should Call for a Mobile Windshield Repair

Getting a windshield repair is never fun, nor is it something we plan for. Usually, auto glass gets damaged when we least expect it. For instance, it could get damaged while we are on a road trip. It might even happen in the middle of the night while we are sleeping. Whatever it is, it is always annoying to deal with. The good news, however, is that you can both save money and not worry about the repair. How? With a mobile windshield repair from Low Price Auto Glass Orlando, of course! Here is why you should ask about our mobile repair: Continue reading

repairing auto glass

4 Reasons Repairing Auto Glass Without an Expert is Harmful

Did your windshield chip or crack over winter break? While repairing auto glass is a must, you should never do it on your own without a professional’s help. Not only can it end badly for your car, but it can be dangerous to you. Here are four reasons why you should never repair your own auto glass: Continue reading