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Top 4 LP Auto Glass Blogs on Averting a Windshield Replacement

Auto glass is an important aspect of a car. If it is damaged, you can put yourself at risk of accidents. In fact, a completely shattered windshield can cause your car’s roof to collapse. Therefore, avoiding auto glass damage is crucial. Below is a list of our top 4 blogs on preventing a windshield replacement and other auto glass damage: Continue reading

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You Can Prevent an RV Glass Repair with These Precautions

Most RV owners park their RVs at an outdoor storage area without a roof. However, this can sometimes be bad for the RV since it can get dirty fast and get damaged. The glass is usually the first to witness signs of damage. After all, it is getting covered with dust and dead bugs. These can end up ruining the glass for good and lead to an RV glass repair. Though, you can prevent this by regularly examining your RV and taking the follow precautions: Continue reading

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End These Bad Habits to Prevent a Car Glass Repair

You grab a couple of household products and head outside for car maintenance. What you do not know is that the products and tools in your hand can harm more than help your car. In fact, rather than keeping your car clean and spotless, they will leave scratches and might even breath the windshield. So, to prevent a car glass repair, stop these bad habits: Continue reading

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Car and Auto Glass Tips for a Safe Drive This Holiday

Winter break has just begun for most. Most people are going on vacations, and some are driving to visit loved ones, friends, or just see new places. However, before you get on the road, it is important to examine your car. In the checklist below, we are listing all the things you must look at before driving. This checklist goes beyond the main car care tips and even mentions auto glass safety precautions so you can ensure your holiday vacation will not be disrupted. Continue reading

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5 Mistakes People Make with a Windshield Replacement

People sometimes go into denial when they see a broken windshield. Their first thought, “I’m not paying for this!” While it is unfortunate to have to pay for a damaged windshield, not doing anything about it—or doing something crazy about it—is not going to make the problem go away. In fact, if you need a windshield replacement, your best chance at saving money is to take your car to an auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. Here are 5 mistakes people make when they need a windshield replacement (and why you should avoid them): Continue reading

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Warning Signs You Need an RV Glass Repair

RVs are awesome. They are pretty much a house that can take you anywhere you want to go. Though, just like any other vehicle, big or small, they need maintenance and regular care. Otherwise, they could get damaged and become costly. If you are an RV owner, one area you should regularly upkeep to prevent unwanted costs is your RV’s auto glass. This requires you to pay attention to warning signs that tell you to get an RV glass repair before conditions worsen. Or else you will find yourself getting an RV glass replacement and spending more money instead. Continue reading

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4 Major Signs You Need a Car Windshield Replacement

You woke up to go to work. As you are walking to your car, you noticed a big crack in the windshield. You looked around, trying to figure out the cause of this awful damage. After seeing no culprit, you thought of the neighbor’s kids and how they like to play football outside. Perhaps they did it. Now you are stuck with a damaged windshield and you must figure out whether you need a car windshield repair or a car windshield replacement. To make things easier for you, we have listed the top 4 signs you need a replacement: Continue reading

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Why You Should Wash Your Car to Avoid a Car Glass Repair

Taking your car to a car wash is a great luxury, it is true. After all, you have to spend money to make your car sparkle and look beautiful. However, washing your car is more than that too. In fact, it can affect the quality or value of the car, particularly the windshield and windows. Yes, you read that correctly. The fate of your auto glass corresponds with how well you maintain it, and that includes regular washing. So, it is no surprise then that to avoid a car glass repair, you must frequently wash your care. Continue reading

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What Makes Low Price Auto Glass Orlando The Best?

You are returning from your Thanksgiving road trip, and suddenly, you find a chip in your windshield. How did it get there? No one seems to know, but it is there. Now, not only do you have a chip in your car glass but you also have a chip on your shoulders. You must find the best car glass repair shop that can do a professional job at a decent price without adding ridiculous amounts of fees. The good news is, Low Price Auto Glass Orlando has got you covered, and they just happen to be the best. Here is why: Continue reading