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4 Power Window Repair Services We Can Do for You

4 Power Window Repair Services We Can Do for You

Your car’s power windows are susceptible to damage just as much as your car’s windshield is. On the road, anything can happen. The good news is, if you need a power window repair service or just a service for your power window, we at LP Auto Glass Orlando have got you covered with these four high-quality services at affordable prices:

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Avoid a Windshield Replacement by Educating Your Teen Drivers

Your teen just started to drive his or her own car, and that is both wonderful and terrifying at the same time! But all is well. As long as you teach your teen the proper rules of the road, and a few other simple tips, you would not have to worry—at least not too much. Of course, it is highly important to remind your teen to drive cautiously, never text and drive, and always have two hands at the wheel. Though, you should also teach your teen driver how to take care of their car’s glass so they can prevent a windshield replacement at the hands of scratched or cracked glass. Here is how to guide your teen in doing this: Continue reading

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Avoiding Auto Windshield Repairs & Staying Safe this Holiday

Thanksgiving is a great time to go on road trips and visit loved ones. With food preparations in mind, however, we forget to take precautions for our road trips. This often leads to car problems like auto windshield repairs, flat tires, and dead car batteries. So, what can you do to avoid these issues and stay safe on your road trip this holiday? Continue reading

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Auto Glass and Safety Tips for the Upcoming Holidays

If you have ever been on a holiday road trip, you know that it can either go really well or really unwell. Unless you are cautious beforehand, you might find yourself with a flat tire, a cracked windshield, a blown headlight, or something similar. So, to make sure everything goes really well, here are some important auto glass and car safety tips for the upcoming holidays:

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Did You Know that Mold Can Lead to a Car Glass Repair?

Mold, that green ugly organism that takes over unkempt areas around the house and infects buildings. It is an unwanted thing, except when you are making Brie cheese and certain types of medicine and antibiotics. It can be good, until it goes wrong. And when you find it in your car, that is the kind of wrong you want to avoid. While mold can be as harmless as finding old bread with green fungus, it can also be as dangerous as finding that same green fungus wrecking your car. Yes, mold can develop in your car if you leave it to become the perfect breeding ground for the pesky green organism. If there is humidity and dampness, such as there almost always is in Orlando, any car that has been parked for many months without being used or without getting aired has a chance of growing mold. Although this is not a common problem among vehicles, it is still a problem that needs to be addressed. To prevent a car glass repair, cleaning mold and eliminating it for the long run is wise. Here is what you need to know about windshield mold, what causes it, and how to end it: Continue reading

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Harmful Products That Can Lead to a Car Windshield Repair”

Each one of us has a specific definition for “harmful products.” When we think of harmful products, we might think of those of low-quality. We might even think of products with harmful chemicals. Harmful products come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. In fact, harmful products are not always harmful if used properly the way they are intended. When it comes to cars, harmful products are those that damage the paint and glass and cause us to need a car windshield repair. It should be known that people use harmful products on their cars every single day without knowing that they are damaging their vehicles. Below is a list of those products so you can avoid them and protect your auto glass: Continue reading