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car glass repair

How to Avoid a Windshield Repair by Using Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid plays a big role in the condition of your auto glass. Still, most people do not seem aware of their windshield washer fluid until they need it to remove dirt and stains off the glass. Sometimes they even forget that it is not a magical liquid that never runs out. A windshield washer fluid needs to be refilled from time to time, and forgetting that can end up ruining your windshield. Just imagine turning your washer fluid on only to find it empty and end up scratching the glass with your dry wipers. If you are concerned with keeping your windshield in topnotch condition and avoiding any future windshield repair, it is important to regularly check on the status of the washer fluid. Continue reading

power window repair

4 Power Window Repair Services at Auto Glass Orlando

Most modern cars have power windows, and sometimes they happen to get damaged. The good news is that LP Auto Glass Orlando does not fear auto glass damages. In fact, we know just the right tricks to repairing damages and keeping you happy. Whether you have a power window damage or simply need a specific service for your power window, you might be interested to know that LP Auto Glass Orlando does the following four high quality power window repair services at affordable prices: Continue reading

Hurricane protection

Safety Requirements for Hurricane Protection in Orlando

Hurricane Matthew is on its way to Central Florida, and if you have not taken precautions yet, you should get started. Starting Thursday, October 6nd, Matthew will be nearby, causing massive storms in Orlando. The hurricane is expected to clear up on Saturday morning, but you should still be prepared for anything. Below, you will find a must-follow, essential hurricane protection checklist: Continue reading