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Our Top 4 Blogs on Preventing an Auto Glass Repair

While you can’t stop your windshield from getting a crack from a road accident or mishap, you can certainly prevent an auto glass repair caused by you neglecting your car glass. By taking care windshield and windows, you can have sturdy auto glass. These 4 LP Auto Glass Orlando blogs will help you avoid a windshield repair:

Avoid These Products to Prevent an Auto Glass Repair

We’ve all been naïve about taking care of our cars at one point or another, unless you were brought up in a family that drilled the importance of car care over and over. But overall, most of us need guidance when it comes to knowing what tools and products to use to wash and clean and cars because, let’s face it, it can be hard knowing what’s good and what’s not. Well, you don’t have to look no more. Below is a list of products and tools you should completely avoid if you want to prevent a windshield glass repair as well as an auto paint restoration. If you avoid these and replace them with good products, you’ll be just like the pros.

Windshield Washer Fluid Prevents Auto Glass Damage

Car owners usually notice the status of their car’s windshield washer fluid once the fluid pump no longer sprays enough of the fluid. Though, it is crucial to monitor the washer fluid tank and make sure that there is enough fluid since, in the long run, washer fluid plays a bigger role of maintaining your car’s windshield than you’d expect. If you are concerned with keeping your windshield in topnotch condition and avoiding any auto glass damage, then it is important to regularly check on the status of the washer fluid.

Removing Mold to Prevent a Car Glass Repair

Mold is something that can be both good and bad, depending on its type, the amount that is found, and the location where it is found. Blue cheese is a type of cheese with mold. In fact, the mold in blue cheese is highly healthy to consume. On the other hand, mold found in your car, particularly in your windshield and windows, is not healthy at all; it can be extremely dangerous both to you and your vehicle. Here is what you need to know about windshield mold, what causes it, and how to avert it in order to prevent a car glass repair.

Durable Windshield Wipers Prevent an Auto Glass Repair

Having your windshield chip because one of your windshield wipers cracked from old use and ended up damaging your car’s glass is not a fun experience. Besides, having to fix that chip costs you lots money, which you terribly need to pay off your school debts or your kids’ tuitions. Plus, there are so many other things you want to spend your money on, like a new phone or a laptop. So, to avoid an auto glass repair in the future, and simply to maintain your car’s glass, here are guidelines and tips to keep your windshield wipers sturdy and in tiptop shape and know when it is time to throw them out and replace them with new ones.


If you follow the tips in each of the above blog, you should be well on your way to avoiding an auto glass repair and having a safer car.

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5 Steps to Properly Washing Your Auto Glass

You probably didn’t know that there is a right way and a wrong way to wash your windshield and windows. But don’t feel bad, because a lot of car owners also don’t. In fact, if you see someone in a movie washing their car, they usually use a sponge to scrub the dirt from the windshield, so you start thinking that that’s the normal way to wash auto glass. However, that’s not the case.

Why Is Cleaning Your Windshield and Windows Important?

Cleaning your car’s glass not only clears your view, it also guards the glass from damage. For example, if you spend the day at the beach, your car is most likely going to be dusty at the end of the day from all the sand the wind blew around. Though sand doesn’t seem dangerous to your car, it is harmful to the windshield and windows. The tiny grains can scratch the glass, particularly if you use your windshield wipers to wipe the dust off. The friction caused by the contact damages the windshield, forcing you to get a costly auto glass repair or replacement. The same thing can be said of bird droppings. Although they seem harmless, leaving them smudged on the glass will only make them more difficult to remove. They’ll dry up, and when you finally attempt to remove them, they’ll leave behind scratches on the glass. In the end, all the dirt and scratches will weaken the windshield and windows, leaving them susceptible to getting chips and cracks and easily getting shattered. Plus, having a dirty windshield also means that your windshield wipers are dirty, and this increases the chance of the glass getting damaged.

How to Carefully Clean Your Car’s Glass

So if dirty car glass creates a hazard, how do you clean it thoroughly and properly? Here is a step by step guide:

  • If you have dusty or sandy windows and windshield, then you can easily remove the dirt using a damp microfiber cloth. All you have to do is wipe the glass clean, relying on the microfiber cloth to scrub out any rough dirt stains. What is wonderful about microfiber cloths is that they are soft and gentle, meaning that they won’t scratch at the car’s glass.
  • If you have bird droppings, it’s imperative that you get rid of them by hand. People tend to use their windshield wipers when on the go to remove these droppings; though, doing so can dirty the wipers blades and damage the windshield by scratching it. So try to avoid cleaning bird droppings using your windshield wipers. Instead, soak your microfiber cloth with club soda and use it to wipe away all the bird droppings. Club soda makes this type of cleaning easy. Once you have done that, you can wash the windshield with water and dry it off.
  • You should clean your windshield wipers on a weekly basis. You can do so by going to a nearby gas station and using their free windshield cleaning tools. Pay special attention to the surface underneath the windshield wipers, since that’s where most of the dirt is hidden. You can also rinse off the wipers with water to get rid of trapped dirt.
  • Replace old windshield wipers when you notice cracks in the rubber and hear screeching against the windshield. Usually, wipers blades need to be replaced every six months and are part of the process cleaning your windshield and windows.
  • Frequently fill up on windshield washer fluid, since you might need it to clean the glass at some point while you’re driving.

If you thoroughly wash your auto glass using these simple five steps, you’ll protect your windshield and windows from damage caused by dirt.

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4 Reasons to Tint Your Auto Glass in Orlando

Orlando has been experiencing some of its hottest days, and drivers are not happy. Sitting in a boiling car is the worst thing to do when you have to get to work or school and suddenly you are sweating from your armpits and there is nothing you can do about it. Though, while you cannot do anything to fix the heat inside your car right then and there, you can certainly do something about it later. By going to an auto glass Orlando shop and tinting your windshield and windows, you would be eliminating this irritating problem once and for all. Here are some other benefits of tinting your car other than keeping it cool:

Safety while driving in the sun

Sun glares are uncomfortable, there is no doubt about that, but irritation is not the only factor that should sway you into getting your windshield and windows tinted at an auto glass Orlando shop. Safety is the biggest matter on the road, and if you cannot see because of Florida’s sharp sunrays, then that is a sign that you need tinting immediately. Think of how dangerous it would be to drive with obscured vision, particularly when you are on roads like the highway or narrow streets with construction. With tinting, you would avert 99% of UV rays from entering your car, which means that you will be less accident-prone.

Strengthens glass and makes it hard to shatter

Did you know that getting your windows and windshield tinted strengthens the glass? Not a lot of people know this fact, although it is a major benefit of tinting. This makes your car much safer to drive, as you would be in less risk of getting injured from the off chance of your auto glass shattering from a crack or a big damage. Therefore, in the unfortunate case of an accident, the glass would be sturdier and have a higher chance of staying intact. Thus, you would be safe from any broken glass whipping you in the face.

Protects upholstery

Another reason to get your windows and windshield tinted is that doing so will protect your seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. This is especially handy if your vehicle has leather seats. Ever had problems with the leather cracking in the heat? Tinting would stop this problem from occurring and make the inside of your car look brand-new.

Prevents strangers from seeing important items you leave in the car

Have you ever parked your car somewhere and left important items exposed to any passerby? Sometimes, when people have a quick errand to run, they leave purses, phones, or electronics in their cars, thinking that they would return within minutes and nothing would go wrong. However, leaving items visible can catch a thief’s attention. With tinted windshield and windows from a professional auto glass Orlando shop, people can leave whatever they want out on the seats or dashboards and no one would be able to tell what is inside the car unless they have their face right against one of the windows.

Tinting Laws in Florida

So now that you know more about what tinting can do, let us dive into the proper tinting you can have in Florida. We will be discussing the legal Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%), which is what measures the darkness of tinted glass. It is a requirement that the front side windows allow more than 28% VLT of light in, the back side windows allow more than 15% VLT of light in, and the rear window to allow more than 15% VLT of light in. As for the windshield, it is acceptable to have a non-reflective tint along the top. The front side windows should never be more than 25% VLT reflective, and the back side windows should never be more than 25% VLT reflective. So, with these VTL percentages, you will be able to tint your car accurately.


Tinting your windshield and windows at an auto glass Orlando shop provides you with many benefits. Not only will your car look better, but it will be better to drive too.

Windshield Repair in Orlando: Do’s and Don’ts

windshield repair OrlandoIf you find your auto glass damaged, even if the damage is small, you need to call and schedule an appointment with an auto glass repair professional. Windshield repair Orlando shops are the best way to go because they have the proper tools and products and know exactly how to repair or replace your windshield. Besides, experts also happen to be the safer way to go. Still, in case you are having a hard time knowing what to do and not do when your windshield has a chip or crack, we’ve decided to put together the major don’ts.

#1) Tape Can Hold Together Anything, Including Your Broken Windshield

Let’s be clear, tape, no matter in what form, is not going to fix your broken windshield. Adhesive tape is so delicate that you can literally tear it up with your own fingers. Now imagine if you use that tape to hold together a windshield with a chip. Rain can easily soften the tape’s hold on the glass. Even duct tape, which is certainly thicker and bigger, won’t help you. You have a large, heavy windshield in comparison to a piece of tape. It’s not going to hold, and the chip will expand into a crack that then turns into many fissures. Totally not worth it!

#2) Super Glue Permanently Fixes Things, So Why Not the Glass?

Super glue, no matter how strong, is not literally permanent. It does have many benefits, such as putting back together the handle on your favorite coffee mug that you accidentally broke. However, when it comes to broken auto glass, you have to remember that you have a big windshield that’s holding up a heavy car roof. That super glue is only going to create a sticky mess that’s going to be impossible to remove later. And guess what that’ll do? That’ll create a blurry windshield with many light glares. Now, isn’t it better to just go to a professional windshield repair Orlando shop before all this mess happens?

#3) Nail Polish Makes Nails Strong, So It Has to Work on Windshields!

Windshield repair OrlandoThis advice is so ridiculous, we’re not sure why anyone actually believed it. Nail polish is definitely not going to fix your broken auto glass. Think about it. When someone puts nail polish on their fingernails, it keeps their nails strong for a few days. At first, the color is sparkly and neat, but then it starts to get dull, and that’s when you notice the first chip. Nail polish then peels off, and nails are back to their normal strength. As a result, nail polish is not going to be any different on windshields. It might last for a day or two, but it certainly won’t make a difference. It’ll peel off after being exposed to rain and the harsh heat, and the chip will still turn into a big crack.

#4) There are Special Band-Aids for Windshields That You Can Always Use

Some geniuses out there decided that a great way to fool people into giving them lots and lots of money is to create “special” Band-Aids for windshields. This is obviously complete baloney, but consumers still fell for this trick. Let’s be frank, this is just another form of translucent tape, and it’s not going to hold up a heavy, broken windshield. Don’t listen to these advertisements. Be wise and realize that all of this is just a means to strip you of your money.

What to Do Instead

Stop driving your car if the windshield is in a terrible shape and call for a mobile windshield repair service, and if the damage is not too bad, then go as soon as possible to a windshield repair Orlando shop.

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How to Prevent an Auto Glass Replacement in Orlando

Getting an auto glass damage can happen any time. The good news is, if you have a small windshield damage, you can most likely get it repaired without replacing the entire glass. However, if you neglect the damage, you will end up making it worse. Follow these tips in order to prevent an auto glass replacement Orlando:

Don’t Ignore Small Damage

Oftentimes, people see the damage, whether it’s a small chip or a big crack in the windshield and windows, and assume that it will be fine if left for a while. As a result, they ignore the broken auto glass for days and even weeks. Though, if it’s not obvious enough, leaving car glass in that state will only cause the problem to increase. For instance, if the glass is chipped—no matter how small the chip is—over a period of time and constant driving, it’ll grow bigger until it splits into many fissures and the glass shatters. Furthermore, any small bump in the road, like those you find in neighborhoods, can be other triggers for the glass to shatter. So if you want to prevent an auto glass replacement Orlando, don’t ignore any damage, big or small.

Don’t Fix Any Small Damage at HomeOrlando auto glass

In an attempt to hold on to their money, many people decide to try out DIY auto glass repair kits. They purchase these kits for a reasonable amount of money (perhaps $15) and look up directions from YouTube videos to see how the kits can be properly used. Though, many people who put up instructional videos online of auto glass repair kits are either expert auto glass technicians and are used to repairing windshields and windows with steady hands or they’re regular people with simple glass damages, such as scratches. If you’re watching videos by experts, you’re probably thinking that the broken glass looks easy to fix, and if you’re watching regular people fix small issues, then you’re being misled into thinking that any damage can be easily fixed. The fact is, chips and cracks are harder to repair at home than minor scratches, and if your hand isn’t used to precise, steady manual labor, you could completely destroy the glass and pay so much more than you would have before. Besides, auto glass repair kits don’t work long-term. Thus, it’s better to leave glass damage to the professionals.

Don’t Ignore Small Damage Even If It’s Out of Your Line of Vision

For some, if they see that the glass is damaged far from the driver’s line of vision, such as on the right side of the windshield, they tend to not give it too much thought. They think that as long as the issue is far from them, it won’t impair their driving. Though, the truth is that a broken auto glass is dangerous no matter where the damage is located. Pretending that there is nothing to worry about is going to lead the driver to regret not doing anything in the first place. So before you let damage like this get worse and end up needing an auto glass replacement Orlando, go to the professionals.

Go to a Professional Right Away

The last but certainly not least mistake drivers make when they notice that their cars’ glass is damaged is neglect to go to a professional. In order to save their wallets from temporary hunger (for money, of course), drivers continue to drive their cars instead of get the situation under control. And you can probably guess where that leads those drivers . . .


Don’t ignore a small windshield damage. If you want to prevent an auto glass replacement Orlando, be sure to follow these important tips.

What to Do if You Need an Orlando Auto Glass Repair

Orlando auto glass repairSo you were driving on the road and now you have a chipped or cracked windshield. This is unfortunate, but you can’t dwell on your bad luck. Instead, you have to take action so that the chip or crack doesn’t get worse and end up costing you more. So what can you do if you suddenly find yourself needing an Orlando auto glass repair? Continue reading

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How to Prevent a Car Glass Repair by Reducing Glares

Glares can be a driver’s worst enemy, along with flat tires, chipped glass, and a dead car battery. OK, let’s face it, a driver faces lots of problems. But that doesn’t mean that none of them can be prevented. Glares might be irritating, but you can exile them from your car and, as a result, protect your car from a car glass repair. Here are 4 simple steps that will help you get rid of glares:

Clean the Windshield from the Inside and Out

The most important action to take in order to maintain your car’s glass, keep the glares away, and avoid going to a car glass repair shop is to start out by cleaning your windshield. Take a windshield cleaner, such as Rain-X Original Glass Treatment or Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner, and spray it over the windshield. Then, using a microfiber cloth (don’t use regular rags, towels, or sponges as they can scratch the glass), wipe the glass clean. It will sparkle like it should. Then, repeating the same process, clean the other side of the windshield from inside the car. This will remove dirt and grime that have been building up on the glass and stop windshield glares.

Clean all Windows and Mirrors 

car glass repairOf course, cleaning the windshield isn’t enough to remove glares. You can still get glares through your windows and mirrors, as they can reflect other cars’ headlights and obstruct your vision. Before you go to a glass repair shop, take a look at your glass. When was the last time you cleaned it properly? It’s highly necessary to clean all of your vehicle’s glass, including your rearview mirror, if you are having problems with glares.

Clean Windshield Wipers

While cleaning your windshield wipers doesn’t directly affect glares, it does help you maintain your windshield’s cleanliness, which in turn removes glares. Thus, it is crucial to regularly inspect your wiper blades and get them cleaned. Use your favorite washer fluid to wet a microfiber cloth. Then, use the cloth to wipe the windshield wipers. This will leave them in a good condition and help you keep the glass in a topnotch shape. However, if your windshield wipers are old and have cracks in them, replace them with new ones, as the old wipers can scratch at the glass and cause even more glares. At the same time, always be sure that you have enough washer fluid in your car so you can keep the windshield clean at all times.

Clean the Headlights

Finally, in order to avoid glares and not have to go to a car glass repair shop, clean your car’s headlights. This will help you view the road more clearly since other vehicles’ lights won’t outshine yours and blur your vision. There are a couple of ways to clean the headlights. While wiping them off with a car cleaner and a microfiber cloth is good—even essential—you will find that you need to do more in order to remove the yellow haze that’s on them. Therefore, what you can do is take baking soda and vinegar and combine a little bit of each in a foam cup. Then, you will dab your microfiber cloth in this homemade remedy and use it to wipe the grime and haze off of the headlights. This homemade solution can be very effective toward reducing glares.


Four easy steps are all it takes to get rid of those irritating glares you see while driving, and removing them will help you prevent a car glass repair.