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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

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We have all had our lazy days—and even our lazy months—when it came to washing our cars and maintaining them. Getting all the products and tools ready to personally clean our cars can be tedious. Plus, standing outside just to scrub dirt off the surface of our vehicles is not fun at all, and it is not how most of us want to spend our time. Still, there is such a thing as a car wash, and the good news is that not all car washes are expensive. In fact, there are many car washes out there that cost you $5 or less for an express car wash. So here is the deal: how often should you wash your car and what are the benefits?

Times You Should Wash Your Car If you are the typical busy worker, businessman, parent, and/or student then you probably feel like you do not have time to spare on washing your car. However, if you go to a car wash once a month or at least once every month and a half, you will have a shiny, clean car. Besides, the best part about going to a car wash is that your car gets washed in no time. Bring your phone or tablet along and enjoy some videos while you wait the 10 to 15 minutes. That is not too bad, right?

What are the Benefits of Washing Car? Asides from upholding the value of your vehicle in the case of having to sell it again, getting your car washed often also helps keep your car stay in shape and be safe to drive. For instance, imagine having many love bugs on the car’s bumper. Because love bugs are acidic they can destroy the car’s paint. As a result, if you do not wash your car soon after love bugs cling on to the car, the paint could start peeling off.

Another benefit of washing your car is the fact that doing so protects your windshields, windows, and mirrors. If you have a dirty auto glass, then they are more prone to scratches, cracks, and chips. Just imagine using your windshield wipers when the glass is dusty and has rough particles all over it. The wiper blades will only scrape over the dirt, pushing it around rather than cleaning it off, and this process will only cause the glass to scratch.

Additionally, washing your car will ensure that your headlights stay clean and clear at all times. How often do you examine your headlights? Chances are that they have a hazy yellow color on their surface, blocking the majority of light you rely on to view the road at night. This can be dangerous for your driving. As a result, getting your car washed can solve this issue.

As you can see, taking your car to a car wash on a regular basis can preserve your car’s value all the way ensuring that it is safe for you to drive. So give your car the love and attention it needs!

Why Tinting Windows in your car is Worth It

tintedWindowLiving in Florida means you have to deal with a heavy sun almost year round (asides from a few weeks in December, January, and sometimes early February). And since you drive pretty much everywhere, the sun can be a huge annoyance. Not only does it make you have a hard time seeing the road, but it also hits you with harmful UV rays. That’s where tinting windows comes in. When you tint your car windows, you prevent the sun from irritating you in several ways and you help out your car. Here are some of the many reasons why tinting windows is worth it:

Shields You from Glares The most obvious reason to tint your car at an auto glass repair shop is that tinting would shield you from sun glares. At the same time, tinting the glass would keep you safe on the road. Just think back to the many times your vision was obscured by the sharp sunrays while you were driving. You were most likely afraid of not being able to see where you were going. With tinting, you would prevent 99% of UV rays from entering your car, which means that you’ll be less accident-prone.

 Keeps Vehicle Cool When you drive in a hot car, your entire body gets irritated. You start to sweat, your feel uncomfortable in your seat, and no matter how long you wait for the air condition to cool the car, the hot sun just keeps scorching and striking you. With tinting, your car would stay cool and you wouldn’t have to worry about putting the AC on max for a few minutes before you enter in the car. Instead, you’d be able to hop right in and drive away in comfort.

Protects Upholstery Have you ever had or seen a car with leather seats that were cracking from being in the heat too often? Well, when you get your car tinted at an auto glass repair shop, you would instantly be protecting the leather seats. At the same time, you would be guarding the steering wheel and the dashboard from heating up and having similar fates as the leather seats.

 No One Can See What You Hide In Your Car Sometimes people leave behind important possessions in their cars, such as purses and electronics, when they’re stepping out to do a quick errand. For instance, if they’re shipping mail at the post office, they might leave a GPS lying around. However, leaving items out in the open might catch a passerby’s attention, and it would be very unfortunate if that passerby turned out to be a thief. Tinting would solve this issue, preventing strangers from seeing what you have in your car unless they purposely stick their face against one of the windows.

Glass is Strengthened and Doesn’t Shatter Easily What many people don’t know is that getting your car tinted makes the glass stronger and harder to break. As a result, if you get into an accident, the glass would be sturdier and have a higher chance of staying intact. This means that you would be safe from any broken glass hitting you in the face.

copTinting Laws in Florida Now that you know all the important facts about tinting your car and the benefits of doing so, let’s dive into the proper tinting you are allowed to have in Florida. We’ll be discussing the legal Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%), which is what measures the darkness of tinted glass. It is a requirement that the front side windows allow more than 28% VLT of light in, the back side windows allow more than 15% VLT of light in, and the rear window to allow more than 15% VLT of light in. As for the windshield, it is acceptable to have a non-reflective tint along the top. The front side windows should never be more than 25% VLT reflective, and the back side windows should never be more than 25% VLT reflective. So, with these VTL percentages, you’ll be able to tint your car accurately and know what auto glass experts mean when they explain how they’re going to tint your windshield and windows.

Tinting windows can help you have a safer car drive and prevent your car from many risky situations and issues.

Durable Windshield Wipers Prevent an Auto Glass Repair

WindshieldRepairKit-cracksChipsBulleyesStarsHaving your windshield chip because one of your windshield wipers cracked from old use and ended up damaging your car’s glass is not a fun experience. Besides, having to fix that chip costs you lots money, which you terribly need to pay off your school debts or your kids’ tuitions. Plus, there are so many other things you want to spend your money on, like a new phone or a laptop. So, to avoid an auto glass repair in the future, and simply to maintain your car’s glass, here are guidelines and tips to keep your windshield wipers sturdy and in tiptop shape and know when it is time to throw them out and replace them with new ones:

How long should you keep windshield wipers? Even if you don’t use your windshield wipers too often, they can still get old. The sun’s sharp rays can damage and dry up the rubber on the wiper blades, causing the blades to crack up over time. So, how long do wiper blades usually last before becoming damaging? It all depends on how much strain your wipers deal with. For instance, if you use then on maximum speed every time it rains, they can get damaged faster. Though for the most part, wiper blades last somewhere around six months to a year. So you should never keep your windshield wipers longer than that.

windshield-wipersSigns that you should replace your windshield wipers Of course, if your windshield wipers get damaged earlier than the estimated six months to a year that they’re supposed to last, you should replace them right then rather than wait till they get worse. Some signs that it’s time to replace your wiper blades are visible rough cuts and cracks as well as worn rubber, which can occur from persistent use, the drying sun, and air debris. As a result, it is recommended that you check on the wiper blades every so often, paying extra attention if the wipers start making scratching or vibrating noises against the glass. If these occur, it is definitely time to replace the windshield wipers since using them longer can harm the glass.

How to clean your windshield wipers and what not to do While you can’t avoid their deterioration due to rain, sunlight, and old age, you can take care of your windshield wipers so that they last for as long as possible and prevent an auto glass repair. The best way to ensure they remain in a great condition is to clean them. Did you know that many gas stations have free windshield cleaning tools that you can use to rinse off dirt from the glass? So, every time you go to a gas station, make sure to clean your windshield, paying special attention to the surface underneath the wipers, as that can conceal a lot of filth. Furthermore, if you travel somewhere outside of Florida where you encounter snow, remove the snow off your windshield by hand instead of using your wipers blades so as not to break the glass.

We hope that these tips and guidelines helped you out. Next time you see something wrong with your windshield wipers, be sure to examine them and maintain them properly to avoid an auto glass repair.

Top 5 LP Auto Glass Blogs on Windshield Repairs & Care

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No driver wants a chip in their windshield or something worse, like the glass cracking. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to compile some of our top blogs on windshield repairs and car care. Hopefully we’ll be able to help you out in preventing future windshield repairs all the while guiding you if you happen to have a current damage in your auto glass.

Washing a Car Prevents an Auto Glass Replacement Sometimes, you might be unfortunate and find that your car’s windshield has been damaged. Parking in a safer area could have possibly averted the harm. Yet, it is important to remember that your windshield can easily get damaged simply because of your actions and neglect, even if you drive and park in a safe area. There is one particular factor that plays a major role in the shape of your car’s glass, and that’s the cleanliness of the glass itself. If there is dirt, such as mud, bird droppings, or dead love bugs, it can ruin the windshield and windows if not cleaned off for a long time. As a result, it is your priority to keep your car clean, particularly your windshield and windows, in order to prevent an auto glass replacement from becoming necessary.

fixitWhat Can an Auto Glass Repair Orlando Shop Do for You? There are many types of auto glass parts. You have your windshields, you have your windows, and you have other minor parts that people tend to forget are even auto glass. The most common concern drivers have is usually how to repair a chipped or cracked windshield. This typical auto glass problem is actually the easiest to fix. Though, what if you have another auto glass problem that needs repair, such as a stuck window? What can you do then? If you live in Orlando, Florida, you probably want to know what auto glass repair Orlando shops can do for you? Can they repair all related auto glass mishaps? Or can they only fix cracks and chips in windshields and windows?

What to Do When You Have a Cracked Windshield to Repair You are on your way to an important event when you pass by a road construction. There are a lot of rocks and debris scattered about, and without being able to do anything about it, a rock hits your windshield. The whole incident takes no more than half a second; it is so quick that you’re not sure what just happened. Even your brain is taking a couple of seconds more to register the new crack in your windshield. You stop your car at the nearest gas station, you throw your hands in the air, and you wonder why this had to happen to you of all the drivers. But now that it has happened, there is no other way around it. You must get it repaired. So what do you do? What are your options when it comes to windshield repair?

Avoid Auto Glass Repairs by Educating Teen Drivers Teen drivers are on the rise, and while many of them are responsible, careful people, without the proper education on maintaining cars, they would never know how to keep their vehicles in a good shape. As parents, you should teach your teenage kids how to wash and vacuum their cars. It’s even important to show them how to find out if they need an oil change or how to check on their battery’s life. However, it’s also just as important to show them how to uphold their car’s glass in order to avoid auto glass repairs.

Breaking Habits that Can Lead to an Auto Glass Repair We all have bad habits that we’ve stuck by for many years, but when it comes to our cars, those habits could make the difference between a great ride and an unsafe, unattractive one. For instance, we sometimes allow our cars to remain filthy and dusty for long periods of time, causing our rides to be infested with insects and flies. We even leave dead love bugs on the front bumpers, and we ignore this problem until the paint on our cars begin to chip off. However, we do worse things to our cars, and those bad habits of ours could be the reason we end up going to an auto glass repair shop.

These five blogs should assist you in getting any windshield repairs taken care of while preventing any future auto glass damages.