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Car Care and Safety Tips for The Cold Winter

frozen-wiper-bladesNo matter where you’re driving this winter, you should always be cautious. After all, the cold weather can tamper with the windshield and mirrors and even put you in risky situations while on the road. So whether you’re driving to work, school, or the movies, be sure to always follow these car care and safety tips for the cold winter:

Inspect the Tire Pressure Although you should always do so, even in the summer, it is highly vital that you inspect the tire pressure during the winter. A cold road (and perhaps a snowy road if you’re traveling outside of Florida) does not go hand in hand with a low tire pressure. Therefore, before you leave your house, take a look to see if there is a flat tire or a tire that seems to be heading in that direction. If you have a flat tire or a low tire pressure, get it replaced fast. You never want to drive around in this terrible weather while your tires aren’t in their best shape. You can even go to one of the many gas stations out there that fill the air pressure for free. Many new cars have an awesome feature that tells drivers whether the car has low tire pressure, but even so, it doesn’t hurt to check for yourself. It’ll help you have a safe drive no matter what the weather is like.

 Defrost Your Windshield During the winter, a car care tip to follow is parking your car facing the east, where the sun rises. Condensation during the cold months can truly be annoying to clean every morning, and it’s not a good idea to just hop in your car and be on your way if your windshield is fogged up. As a result, parking your car facing the east will naturally defrost your auto glass every morning so you never have to clean the condensation or scrape the ice (depending on where you are) off the windshield.

Join a Service like AAA Things can go wrong no matter how careful of a driver you are. If it’s raining or snowing out, the road could get slippery, causing your car to slide and crash into the side of the road. Thus, it’s good to have a service like AAA. This will help you get your car repaired or tolled even if you’re outside of your city.

Refill on Windshield Washer Fluid Another car care and safety tip to always go by is refilling the windshield washer fluid every once in a while, especially when you start noticing that it is decreasing. After all, windshield washer fluid comes in very handy when you need to wash a dirty windshield or even remove condensation that has formed there during a typical winter night.

As you can see, these car care and safety tips are simple to follow but can truly make your life easier all the while protecting you on the road. Best of all, these tips don’t take too much time out of your day!

Car Protection Strategy If a Thief Broke In


It can be terribly annoying to find your car broken into. The windshield or one of the windows is shattered and lots of valuables are missing from your car. So much damage, and there’s nothing you can do to go back in time and stop the thief who did this. But you have to do something to try to catch the thief and get your car back in its original shape. With the following car protection strategy tips, you’ll be able to deal with this irritating incident.

Call the Police Just like with any other accident, you should call the police right away. Don’t wait, because the more you don’t take action, the more the thief gets away with the crime, taking your belongings with him. Have a cop examine your car and take a list of all the stolen valuables. This will help the cop make a statement that will later come in handy for tracking down the thief.

Take Pictures of the Damage The next step in your car protection strategy is to take pictures of the damage. Photos of the broken windshield or window will be useful for your insurance later. You should also take pictures of anything else that the thief broke or tampered with, such as the rear-view mirror, glove compartment, or the car’s paint.

See What Your Insurance Will Cover of the Damage In such an instance, it’s always important to call your car insurance and find out what your policy covers. For example, your insurance might cover your auto glass and car damages but not reimburse you for the stolen items. It all depends from policy to policy, and so it’s essential that you check.

valueRemove or Hide Valuables from Your Car Once the cop examined your car, you should remove or hide all your valuables. If you have any visible items, such as a GPS, a cell phone, a wallet, an E-ZPass (SunPass), and/or even some change, remove them right away. If you must keep them in the vehicle, store them in the glove compartment where they’re out of sight. After all, the best car protection is taking precautionary measures.

Park in Plain Sight Another important precaution to take is to always park in plain sight. After all, if you are parking day after day and night after night in a deserted area, then thieves are going to target your car since there are no witnesses around to stop them or call the police. Don’t give thieves a reason to be tempted. If you want car protection, then the best way to have it is through ensuring that your car is somewhere people are constantly driving through. Thus, the most ideal location to park your vehicle overnight is right in your private garage or in front of your house or building. That way, if anything happens, you or your neighbors will easily notice.

Tint the Windshield and Windows If the thief can’t see what’s inside your car, then chances are that he or she won’t try to break into it. That’s why, if possible, tint your car the legal amount that your state permits you. Even if the windows and windshield have a slight tint, at night, they will prevent anyone from seeing into your car.

Put Window Stickers That Say You Have a Car Alarm Even if you can’t afford an actual car alarm, you can trick thieves into thinking that you do by putting stickers on your windows that say you have a car alarm. You can place one sticker on the driver’s left side window and another sticker on the passenger’s right side window. These stickers are wonderful car protection tools because they scare off the most daring thief.

With these precautionary steps, you’ll catch the thief and prevent another one from damaging your personal property.

Time-Saving Auto Glass Tricks for the Winter

cold-thermometerWhile it doesn’t get as cold here in Florida the way it does up in the north, a little bit of chilly air can definitely make your windshield, windows, and mirrors hard to clean and deal with. For instance, right now in January, you could wake up to find your car’s glass all foggy and hard to clean. And if you’re traveling anywhere much colder, it could get much worse. Ice on the glass can complicate the cleaning process, making you take longer than expected to get to wherever you want to go. For that reason, whether you’re driving in Florida or somewhere much colder, the following time-saving auto glass tricks should help you out this winter so that you’re never late to your destination:

When Your Windshield is Fogged Up or Icy Condensation can easily occur, especially if the air inside your car is warmer than the air outside the car. The cool, dry air all around the vehicle can make the glass all fogged up and irritating to clean. Though, what’s worse than condensation is an icy glass. So what can you do during the winter months to avoid these two problems? There are a couple of actions you can take, and each is just as great as the other:

  • You can park your car facing the east, where the sun rises. This will naturally defrost your auto glass every morning so you never have to clean the condensation or scrape the ice off the windshield.
  • Create a DIY de-icer using a combination of three-parts vinegar and one-part water, and then spray that mixture on your car’s glass to prevent ice from forming.
  • Use shaving cream on the inside of your windshield and then wipe it off. Your glass will be fog-free.
  • Take an old sock and fill it with cat litter, and then leave it in your car overnight. This will absorb all the water and prevent condensation.

frozen-wiper-bladesWhen Your Windshield Wipers Are Stuck to the Glass During the winter, your windshield wipers might become a little hard or even freeze to the glass. This can be a pesky thing to fix, but there are a couple of preventative measures as well as solutions if it ever happens to you.

  • Soak a microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol and use it to wipe each wiper blade. This will help the blades to not stick to the glass.
  • Place an old sock on each wiper blade overnight so that the cold air and/or snow doesn’t mess with them.

When Your Side-View Mirrors Are Covered with Ice Side-view mirrors are just as important as anything else, so it’s crucial to keep them clean and dry. The best way to do that is to cover each mirror with a plastic bag each night.

When Your Headlights Have a Haze Although headlights aren’t an auto glass part, they are still vital for a safe drive. The best way to keep them in tiptop shape in the winter is to use a baking soda and vinegar mixture. Take two tablespoons of baking soda or so and about a tablespoon of vinegar. Pour them in a cup and mix them together. Make sure you get a pasty mixture. If the solution is too water, add more baking soda. Then take a microfiber cloth, dip it in the mixture, and use it to rub the headlights clean. The yellow haze will go away in just a few minutes.

Maintaining your auto glass this winter doesn’t have to take long hours. By following these time-saving tips and tricks, you’ll have a clean windshield twenty-four-seven.

Start 2016 with a Windshield Repair and a Clean Car

car washStart 2016 with a clean slate and make it your New Year’s resolution to maintain your car. Whether your car needs a windshield repair thanks to an annoying chip or crack in the glass or you just have a really dirty car, be sure to keep your car in shape. There are several benefits to keeping your car clean and well-repaired. To learn more about these benefits, continue reading!

The Benefits of a Clean Windshield Clean glass not only helps clear your driving visibility, but it also protects the glass from damage. For instance, if you spend the day at the beach, your car is most likely going to be dusty at the end of your outing from all the sand the wind blew around. Though sand does not seem to be threatening (after all, kids play in it), it is harmful to the windshield. The tiny grains can scratch the glass, especially if you use your windshield wipers to wipe the dusty layer off of your car. The friction caused by the contact ruins the glass in an awful way, forcing you to get an auto glass replacement, which you want to avoid. The same thing can be said of bird droppings. Although unpleasant, for the most part they seem harmless. Yet, leaving them smudged to the glass will only make them harder to remove. They’ll dry up, and then when you do attempt to remove them, they’ll also scratch at the glass. In the end, all this dirt and scratching will weaken the windshield and windows, leaving them susceptible to getting chips and cracks and easily getting shattered. To top it off, having a dirty windshield also means that your windshield wipers are dirty, and this increases the chance of the glass getting damaged. For that reason, always having a clean windshield helps you avoid all these issues completely.

The Benefits of Getting a Windshield Repair Did you know that if you have a cracked or shattered windshield, your car’s roof could collapse? It’s true! The windshield supports the roof, which means that without a stable windshield, you are in danger of being inside your vehicle. As a result, repairing your windshield protects you from getting injured…or worse. Plus, getting an auto glass repair also puts an end to those annoying glares in your windshield. So it’s a win-win!

CleanCar The Benefits of a Completely Clean Car In 2016, having a clean car will not only remove glares and keep your windshield in a stable condition, but it will also help you out in various ways. For instance:

  • A clean car will smell fresh inside and out.
  • A clean car will be bug-free. So no more bugs flying in your face while you drive.
  • A clean car has a higher value than a dirty car, and you can later sell it for more.

Are you convinced to clean your car yet?

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a clean car and a windshield repair this new year. So start 2016 by keeping your ride awesome!