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Auto Glass, Car Care, and Safety Tips for Halloween

BeeSafeHalloween comes and goes with fun memories left behind, but if you are not careful with taking care of your car during this time of year, you could end up getting auto glass repairs far after the month ends. Think about it, you’re driving your kids down a crowded neighborhood with kids everywhere. Perhaps you even park your car somewhere and walk with your kids a little. Some hooligan in a clown costume comes by and starts egging your car for no reason whatsoever. The hooligan thinks he’s funny; though what he’s really doing is denting your car and chipping your windshield. This, of course, is just hypothetical. A lot of things can go wrong during Halloween in the midst of all the excitement. As a result, we’re sharing a few helpful tips for staying safe and keeping others safe and protecting your car while you’re at it:

Don’t Speed You shouldn’t speed ever. However, if you are rushing to get to a party on Halloween, remember that others on the road are probably being unsafe drivers that day too. Therefore, prevent a car accident by driving at the speed limit and watching out for other cars (sometimes, it is the terrible driving habits of other drivers that can cost you).

Don’t Text and Drive You already know this too, but we’re going to stress it just in case some people have forgotten. Texting and driving, particularly during Halloween when everyone is rushing and kids and pedestrians are everywhere, is not good. The combination of all these things plus a careless driver looking down at his/her phone can end up endangering someone. So do yourself a favor and put your phone away.

Be a Cautious Parker When you park your car, check your surroundings. Make sure that your car isn’t directly underneath a tree with a weak tree branch that could fall easily. Take a look at anything that could harm your vehicle and your auto glass and then avoid parking there.

parkingAvoid Parking in Crowded Areas but Don’t Park in a Deserted Areas Either Similarly avoid parking somewhere crowded. If you’re at a party, don’t park in the midst of other cars. If it’s so crowded that you can’t hop back in your car and drive away, don’t park there to begin with. Besides, if you’re stuck in the middle of other cars and people not in the best shape to drive and pull their cars out, you’re doomed. At the same time, don’t park in deserted areas either, or else your car might get broken into or get towed without your knowledge.

Drive Extra Slow Around Children Another safety tip is to drive extra slow around kids. Even if the speed limit says you can go 35 miles per hour, drive a bit slower and be careful.

If There Is an Auto Glass Damage, Don’t Drive Your Car If your windshield or window was previously damaged, don’t drive your car. For one, it is dangerous to drive with broken auto glass. For two, it gives thieves an easy way to get inside your car.

Remove Valuables from Your Car Before driving out on Halloween, remove valuables from your car, such as a visible GPS, money, a purse, and a bike. These things might tempt a thief to break into your car.

Inspect Headlights and Backlights Last but not least, before you drive that night, inspect your headlights and backlights to make sure they are working properly. You don’t want to start driving only to realize that you can’t see the road or any of the kids crossing the street.

This Halloween, follow these car care, auto glass, and safety tips to ensure no one gets hurt and your car stays in good shape. And most importantly, have a happy Halloween!



Our Top 4 Blogs on Auto Windshield Repair and Care

windshieldIn today’s blog, we’ve decided to put together a couple of our most popular blogs on auto windshield repair and maintenance. You see, there are so many things you can do to ensure that your windshield stays in tiptop shape. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to share the top four blogs that are most useful in this regard.

Why Replacement of Damaged Car Windshield is Necessary  You’re driving down the road when something drops straight off a tree and onto your windshield. You’re pretty sure those wild squirrels are to blame, but it’s too late. The glass now sports a small crack, and you’re wondering if this tiny damage will ruin the rest of your windshield and, ultimately, your car. This happens to car owners all the time, and though they hope if they ignore the damage—whether it’s in the form of cracks, chips, scratches, or the shattering of the entire windshield—that it’ll go away, car windshield replacement or repair is a must. Here’s everything you need to know about repairing or replacing your windshield so that nothing else about your car goes wrong.

How to Guard Auto Glass by Retaining Windshield Wipers  
Windshield wipers are constantly overlooked when it comes to maintaining a car’s health. Drivers inspect tires, lights, and brakes and change the oil of their cars when necessary; they even make sure to keep their windshields clean so their visions aren’t obstructed while driving. These are matters that they rarely neglect. Nevertheless, drivers forget that windshield wipers are also important to take care of and examine from time to time. At the end of the day, it is windshield wipers that can enhance or diminish the condition of auto glass. They were invented to keep rain out of your windshield so you can drive safely, but without the proper care, they could damage the glass and put you and the lives of others in danger while you’re on the road. So here’s what you can do to uphold your windshield wipers in their prime months.

Reducing Glares and Avoiding a Car Glass Repair  You’re driving at night when another car’s headlights suddenly create a glare on your windshield. The strong lights blind you for a few seconds, putting you at risk of colliding with the vehicle in front of you or unintentionally swerving to another lane. This isn’t the first time this has happened. In fact, even in the morning when you’re driving to work you have this problem. Sunlight and just about any strong light create glares, making your driving very dangerous. Though you use the best sunglasses during daylight hours, the issue is unresolved at night. Nevertheless, the solution to this problem is simpler than you thought, and it’ll prevent you from having to go to a car glass repair shop to get this fixed.

Unsafe Products that Lead to an Auto Windshield Repair 

We’ve all made mistakes with our car’s glass at one point or another, even if we weren’t aware of it. From using harmful products to cleaning with rough tools, we’ve ruined the glass little by little. Since the majority of people still don’t know the proper way to clean a vehicle’s glass, we’ve decided to share with you a list of products and tools that are used the most that end up damaging the glass and causing you to go to an auto windshield repair shop. If you’re guilty of using these products to clean your car’s glass, be sure to withhold from using them again.

These four blogs will certainly prepare you for an auto windshield repair if you need one and help you prevent another in the future.

Top 7 Halloween Events in Orlando

halloweenThere is always something going on in Orlando in October, but if you’re new to the city, visiting for the first time, or have just forgotten what’s out there around Halloween, you might be interested to know of the top seven Halloween events in Orlando. In the list below, you will find something for kids, for family Halloween fun, and for adults. Take a look at these to die for Halloween events in Orlando:

SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular (

Join SeaWorld Orlando select weekends in October for silly spooky fun at SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular. Children and adults alike will be immersed in an underwater “fantasea” filled with trick-or-treating, dancing sea creatures, and pumpkin fish, where kids can also create sea-themed arts and crafts. SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular takes place from 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. weekends in October (3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25, and 31) and is included with park admission. Costumes are not required, but are encouraged.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando (

On select nights from September 18th through November 1st, 2015, the streets of Universal Studios Florida theme park come alive with hordes of horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs. With 25 years of experience to draw from, nobody creates a more nightmarish Halloween event filled with truly original scares and authentic horror movie moments. You can explore terrifying haunted houses, make your way through multiple scare zones where creatures lurk around every turn, enjoy outrageous live shows, and experience many of the park’s most exciting rides and attractions. Halloween Horror Nights annually draws hundreds of thousands of horror fans from around the globe. Tony Timpone, Editor of Fangoria Magazine, said, “After visiting scream parks all across the U.S. for the last 20 years, I can easily say that Universal’s is the best in the business… Halloween Horror Nights is the ultimate Halloween experience.”

 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (

Don your favorite costume and get ready to trick-or-treat at this Halloween-themed event held each fall in Magic Kingdom Park! BE PREPARED: HALLOWEEN SURPRISES LIE AHEAD. Gather with fellow trick-or-treaters to be thrilled by some of the funniest spooky spirits this side of the graveyard!

legolandLEGOLAND Florida’s Brick or Treat (

This Halloween event is built for kids! Brick or Treat returns on select dates this October with NEW nightly fireworks! Ghouls, ghosts and goblins descend on Miniland USA transforming it into a haunted adventure with a scavenger hunt in search for these scary creatures that have invaded our famous cities. This spooky event takes place weekends in October, and features trick-or-treating along the brick or treat trail, super brick build activities, the largest LEGO Jack-O-Lantern in the world, Halloween entertainment and an all-kids costume contest with brick-tastic prizes!

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Zoo Boo Bash (

ZOO BOO BASH, the Zoo’s annual Halloween event, is complete with a daily costume contest and other fun activities. Family friendly costumes are welcome. Treat stations, crafts and other fun activities available from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It’s a safe, fun, and not-too-scary event for young and old alike. Kids are invited to bring goody bags and wear costumes for trick or treat stations. If you forget your costume, not a problem, our face painter will help you fit right in. Use your creativity and play in the sandbox with Creations from the Sand. Learn about the myths and realities of some misunderstood animals.

 Orlando Zombie Ball (

This party will be EPIC! The party to die for returns this year BIGGER, SCARIER, and now on Saturday! (And with open bar all night on select brands!) There will be a haunted scare zone, thrilling live performances by Phantasmagoria, and more. There is a $1000 costume contest where costumes and creativity are encouraged. Doors open at 7 pm, and you must be 21 to attend. Entertainment provided by: DJ BUZA, Wolfe, CULTR, KYRO, D-Day, D Jay Tra, EVO, Los Noize, DJ Smilin’Dan, Raptor Attack, D-Day, DJ Mo, and more to be announced. Will you make it out alive?

These amazing Halloween events in Orlando should keep you on your feet with fun and plenty of screams throughout October.

Ways to Avoid a Car Glass Repair This Fall

scarecrowIt is officially the fall season, which means that winter is getting closer and closer, bringing some cold weather along for the ride. Though, did you know that you’re not the only one that can get irritated by the cold? Car glass can easily get damaged with the change in the weather. With neglect, the windshield can even get damaged to a point of no repair, leading you to pay way too more to replace the glass. However, there are ways that you can take care of the windshield in order to avoid a car glass repair or, in worst case scenarios, a glass replacement. Here are the essential precautions to follow this fall:

Be Sure To Wash Your Windshield Well From time to time, especially at the beginning of fall, it is important to clean your windshield thoroughly. This includes removing fallen tree leaves, wiping the glass spotless from any watermarks caused by rain, and washing and rinsing even the windshield wipers. If you think hard about it, you will realize that not taking these measures can ruin a windshield. Plus, when rain, dirty glass, and stuck, dry leaves add up together, they can harm the glass fast. When you leave tree leaves on your windshield, you are pretty much waiting for a bad incident to occur. Then, when it rains and you turn on your wipers, you end up scratching the glass by having those dry leaves get stuck under the wiper blades. So it is a wise idea to clean your windshield regularly to avoid a car glass repair.

autumntreeReplace Your Windshield Wipers If your notice that your windshield wipers are damaged, you should replace them as soon as possible. Waiting would only cause worst damages, especially during the fall. If the wipers are defective and you are in the middle of a storm, you are more than likely to scratch the glass. Some signs that it is time to replace your windshield wipers are noticeable rough cuts and cracks as well as worn rubber, which can occur from constant use, the drying sun, and air debris. For this reason, it is vital that you inspect your car’s windshield wipers frequently by making sure nothing looks out of place or is frayed. At the same time, while in use, pay attention to the sounds your windshield wipers make. For instance, do they vibrate against the auto glass or make a lot of scratching noise? If these occur, it is definitely time to replace them since relying on them can really damage the glass.

If You Have a Chip or Crack in the Windshield, Go to the Professionals Lastly, if you do have a chip or a crack in the windshield, don’t make things worse by waiting to repair them. At this point, you would not be able to avoid a car glass repair; yet, you could still prevent yourself from having to get a car glass replacement, and that will save you a lot of money. Therefore, take your car to the professionals and have them repair the damage. After all, damaged auto glass can easily and speedily get worse in the cold, since the cold air can seep inside the crack and further weaken the glass.

In order to avoid a car glass repair, be sure to take full care of your windshield. This means that you will need to clean it and inspect it every once in a while.

LP Auto Glass Orlando Can Do a Bus Glass Repair

bus_1Busses are everywhere, but we often forget that they have similar needs to other vehicles. For instance, busses need regular washing to maintain and they need oil changes, and sometimes they also go through repairs, like tire changes. However, what happens when busses get a windshield or window damage? Where can they be taken to get fixed? A regular car shop can be costly, and they usually are not supplied with the type of auto glass used in busses. This can be a tricky situation for bus drivers/owners. Though, did you know that Low Price Auto Glass Orlando can do a glass repair for your bus if it gets damaged? It’s true! At LP Auto Glass Orlando, busses are all accommodated and at an affordable cost too.

Windshield Repair Most bus drivers/owners are not aware of the fact that they don’t need to spend tons of money to do a bus glass repair. LP Auto Glass Orlando has the best service around at half the cost of regular car shops. Small windshield damage can easily and quickly be repaired. If the bus has a chipped windshield, for instance, the chip can be filled in, especially if it is not directly in the driver’s line of vision. Similarly, if the bus has a small scratch or a crack, the windshield can easily be repaired, even for a large bus.

Windshield Replacement If the damage is much too big to be repaired, such as if the crack is bigger than a dollar bill or it is in the driver’s line of vision, the windshield will need to be replaced. LP Auto Glass Orlando can do this service, and it remains much less costly than going to a car shop. The same applies if your windshield is completely shattered. A new, high-quality glass replacement will be provided.

 Windows Repair/Replacement Services Buses have distinctive windows that are not found in typical cars. These windows usually slide up and down onto each other, and they do not run automatically. At LP Auto Glass Orlando, we carry bus windows of all types and sizes, so no matter what, we will have an easy time replacing a damaged window. At the same time, if the window damage is minor, we will have no hard time doing a glass repair.

Window Seals Replacement and Mold Eradication Busses transport people, indeed. But what happens when said people eat and dirty up a bus? Leftover food crumbs and drink stains can truly ruin the seats. Plus, with humidity in the air, all of this can cause mold to grow within the truck. With humidity and dampness and plenty of stains from food, mold finds the perfect breading place. This can be both gross for the driver and the people on the bus. It is also extremely unhealthy and dangerous. Not to mention that mold loves feasting on rubber, which is what the window seals are made of. Therefore, LP Auto Glass Orlando will take care of this problem and eliminate the mold and replace your bus’s window seals carefully.

 Mobile Windshield Repair Service If any of the abovementioned situations occur and you find that your bus is not safe to drive under such conditions, call for a mobile windshield repair service, which many auto glass repair shops, including LP Auto Glass Orlando, provide at no additional cost. This will bring a professional repairman right to your location and get your problem dealt with right away.

If your bus has a windshield or window damage, go to an auto glass repair shop like Low Price Auto Glass Orlando where the professional service is affordable.